Friday, April 02, 2010

A long weekend with the son of God

Easter time is once again upon us. A "fitting" time to watch a documentary about Jesus Vissarion who leads some 4,000 people who’ve all come together in the Siberian town of Minusinsk, looking for something…is he the Messiah?
The Second Coming of Christ is the return of Jesus Christ from Heaven to Earth as expected in most Christian eschatologies. The anticipated event is predicted in biblical Messianic prophecy.
Sergei Torop hasn’t always been Jesus; he once worked as a policeman & first realised he was destined to be something akin to the messiah when he developed an interest that bordered on obsession with UFOs.
His followers live in what can only be described as a "hippy" commune delighting in mother earth & the fact that Jesus is literally among them. Watching it rekindled memories of the "flower power" era for me but I am getting a bit long in the tooth!
I imagine that the community and fellowship not only fulfills biblical prophecies for some, but also bridges the gap between the relatively new found democracy and the old communist regime.
Whatever the reason for this groups existence it is worth a view, that's if you're interested in Jesus, of course!

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