Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The most haunted location in the world ?

AN eerie image of a figure at the Galleries of Justice has a ghost expert spooked.
The museum has been dubbed the most haunted location in the UK and the figure is similar to previous sightings on the same staircase.
The photo was taken by Simon Brown, a qualified parapsychologist from Peterborough who says he normally argues against the existence of such things.
However, he cannot explain the mysterious shadow in the photo.
Mr Brown said: “When I took this picture there was no one in the frame.

“The figure appears to be wearing clothing which you would associate with a turn-of-the-last-century prisoner and dragging its right leg as if in chains.
“What for me makes this picture really interesting is the figure appears to be transparent. If you look at the head you can clearly see the bars on the window through it.”
The photo was taken on Thursday March 11, at about 4.29pm.
Mr Brown was visiting the Galleries with his brother. They took around 100 photographs, but none of the others showed anything unexplained.
“I only saw it (the figure) when I downloaded the picture,” he said. “It’s unexplained. Is it a ghost? I couldn’t answer that as a parapsychologist.”
Helen Shepherd, marketing and communications coordinator for the Galleries of Justice, said: “I have seen Simon’s photo and this is indicative of similar sightings on this very staircase by staff and customers, one of many throughout the building.
“This reinforces the fact the Galleries of Justice Museum has been identified by national and international paranormal organisations as the most haunted location in the UK and one of the most haunted locations in the world.”
Caroline.Lowbridge, reporter for Nottingham Evening Post
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