Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paranormal investigators help owners find answers | | The Detroit News

Hot on the heels of my last post - Once considered on the fringe, paranormal problem-solvers, or investigators, seem to be surging into the mainstream these days, with more and more real-life ghost-hunting groups forming. Many say they're getting more requests for help, too.

Made up of volunteers who investigate problems for donations only, dozens of the organizations have cropped up in southeastern Michigan. They're investigating everything from homes and businesses to hotels and cemeteries for hauntings, strange phenomena, or "crypto-zoological creatures" -- an example would be Bigfoot -- as one group's Web site says.

One investigation group even offers an eight-week community education class in Southgate on paranormal research.

"We have more ghost hunters per square mile than any other state," said Chris Bailey, a founder of Grimstone Inc. Paranormal Investigators, based in Warren and Ypsilanti, which started roughly 14 years ago and now has 23 members who do investigations all over the Midwest.

Bailey estimates Michigan has roughly 70 paranormal research groups and that number is growing: "I don't know if we have as many ghosts as we have ghost hunters."

From The Detroit News:
Paranormal investigators help owners find answers | | The Detroit News

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