Friday, March 05, 2010

"The Case Against Reincarnation - A Rational Approach" - by James Webster

Interesting book to read if you're into the concept of Reincarnation.
James Webster was born in Tonbridge, Kent, England in 1935. From an early age he became interested and fascinated by the mysteries of life and has spent nearly 50 years in research, enquiry and discovery from much personal experience.

Being born in what would be recognised as a "haunted house", paranormal phenomena was soon experienced. He later turned to practising the skills of conjuring, and with membership to The Magic Circle he spent some years as a professional artiste touring the Theatres and Clubs and appearing on Television shows with his magic act. This proved to be a valuable asset when he came to investigate the paranormal in more depth and segregate the ‘true’ from the ‘false’

James had, over the years, been reading and studying the sciences, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology and many paranormal subjects, with the jackpot question always in mind: What happens to us when we die? And what reliable evidence do we have to answer this profound question which involves every person on Earth?

The book, "The Case Against Reincarnation - A Rational Approach" presents his case against reincarnation with fine backup evidence from a wide input - past and present - to provide the reader with a wealth of information to guide them out of the reincarnation jungle and into the light of more positive and acceptable understanding.

Hope those who read this enjoy it!

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