Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Science merges with spirituality?

Quote Christine Hassler "Is there life after death? Can human intention change matter? Is there scientific proof for remote healing? Do we have a soul? How can life be sustained in harmony with ecology?
These are among the many questions that were asked and answered at the first annual Sages and Scientists Symposium hosted by Deepak Chopra this past weekend.
At this ground-breaking weekend topics such as spirituality, consciousness, prayer, reincarnation, miracle healings and time travel usually reserved for more "granola/woo-woo" types, were actually discussed and even explained by Medical Doctors.

Evidence from studies on distant healing suggests that consciousness is infinite in space and time. We are immortal, eternal and boundless. Those who may call themselves seekers understand that life is not about just being in this body -- there is something we do not know beyond anything we can explain in rational terms. We take things at face value, finding comfort in that which we can grasp --see, touch, feel, taste, hear -- but that is just the beginning of our sensory experience. Our consciousness is far more encompassing than the things we can prove or understand in physical world reality.
The intention of this conference was to merge Sages and Scientist as a modern way to blend ancient insights with modern scientific theory. It's becoming more and more widely accepted for healers and teachers to discuss transcendent realities and the journey of the soul but usually these folks are labeled as "alternative" healers -- kept out of the mainstream medical community. And most M.D.'s who have been witness to miracles that they cannot explain through science do not share these widely with their peers. Why? Well, according to Dr. Larry Dossey, one of the panelists who spoke about Eternal Life, "Frankly most doctors are just too embarrassed to support them." Deepak Chopra shared with me that he learned from the conference that a "medical mafia" does exist which prevents the public sharing of what most would call supernatural healing into the mainstream. ............................... read on if you wish

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