Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coping with The RAT RACE

For years I have dedicated my thoughts to our social environment and why we live the lives we lead
It appears today more than ever that we have lost personal control to the systemic machine that monitors and commands our every move.
Just like W.H.Davies I ask "What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare..........."
The Western Global state of the 21st century find us all unwittingly or otherwise, tangled in a web of Global actions that have dire consequences, not least of all, social deprivation,
Townsend used the term “deprivation” to describe the cause of poverty.
“People are relatively deprived if they cannot obtain, at all or sufficiently, the condition of life – that is, the diets, amenities, standards and services – which allow them to play the roles, participate in the relationships and follow the customary behaviour which is expected of them by virtue of their membership of society. If they lack or are denied resources to obtain access to these conditions of life and so fulfil membership of society, they may be said to be in poverty.”
It is concerned with circumstance, particularly material, and how this impacts upon the condition of people’s lives.
There is no denying this statement within the context of material possessions. I use the term “deprivation” to also include the lack of spiritual, psychic sustenance that our whole being requires to be at one with life
Before we can feed our soul and allow contentment to surface, we need to step away from the rat-race
As fate would have it I happened upon a daily telegraph article recently discussing the current institutional recognition of performance art
Immediately recognised the similarities between this performance art and a haunting break!
Whilst Marina Abramovic, the godmother of performance art relies on meditative exercises to cleanse away the shackles of modern life, we offer dowsing and other right - brained activities to realise the same goal
Alistair Sooke reflects on the experience, “it was like undergoing years of therapy in a single afternoon” “ everyone was invited to stare for five never-ending minutes into the eyes of a stranger, an incredibly intimate act”
If you feel that your pace of life is “out of control” and can’t make the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, then join one of our breaks
Our events offer much more than a simple break from routine. They can be dramatic, can be fun, but definitely will be unforgettable. Have a look now for what's on offer or get in touch to order your private event, specifically designed and carefully crafted just for you
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