Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ghostly face of Ann Boleyne

Take a look at these images captured during an event at Bolebroke Castle
Once frequented by Henry VIII whilst he courted his second wife Bolebroke one of the King's many hunting lodges, remains intact and available for events

Can you see a face in the door-frame?
The pictures were taken in rapid succession and scientifically scrutinised to eliminate shadow, reflection and other natural explanations

What do you think?


Slapinions said...

I've linked to you on my site for some time, and have lurked here every so often, but just now noticed your "Follow Me" tab. Sorry for the delay in signing up.

I see what may look like a face, but to me it's a stretch. What's your honest opinion of it?

Elizabet said...


If you've been lurking over the past few months you'll see I've been dead!
Only now resurrected after illness sorry
My honest opinion:
Taken within the context that the team ruled out reflection due to some of the pics being taken at different times of the day and night, I believe it could be a ghostly face.
I don't believe it's stretch either
The strange thing is that when this castle was first visited by me I actually saw a female figure in this room and must say she looked like the face on the doorway: dark hair, dark eyes, quite young. Following receipt of this picture I have researched historical documents that perport to have evidence of how Anne Boleyne looked. Contrary to the popular acceptance of beauty, during Henry VIII period, she is said to have had dark hair, dark eyes etc.
I didn't know this at the time I saw this ghost in this particular room
Looking back now, as it has been quite some time since I visited, it appears that it may have been her that I saw.
Interesting to note that none of our event staff on this event knew about my personal experiences there.
I am sure that I saw this female ghost there. NOT SURE whether it was the ghost of Anne

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