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A Haunting in Connecticut a psychic's view

Recently watched a documentary film or rather a "docudrama" that featured "Haunting in Connecticut" and "Haunting in Georgia"

I chose the "documentary" version as I hoped that it would offer "the facts" behind the story-lines
Although I found the genre "difficult to believe" at best the "Georgia" content interested me more as I found similarities with my experiences and consequent personal research

The scientist called in by the family to explore the events offered his opinion which was based on the convergence of energy lines that allowed this sort of "event" to happen. His theory was based on the response of the individual's brain activity to this energy force

I could relate to that as I and other family members have always reacted to "stormy weather" for example. You know the strange feeling you get before or during a storm which is due to ions in the air

Research on ions began in 1950's with Dr. Albert Kreuger, professor emeritus of the University of California at Berkeley, and Dr. Felix Sulman, professor of pharmacology at the Hebrew University in Israel.
Dr. Sulman corroborated Kreugers' findings while studying positive ion victims of the hot, dry Sharav winds in Jerusalem.He demonstrated three effects of positive ion excess: irritation and tension, exhaustion, and hyperthyroid response.Most of these conditions, along with symptoms of depression, anxiety, headaches, and low energy physical and mental functions, were shown to be alleviated or totally eliminated by increasing the negative ion count in the air.

It is my humble opinion that individuals who experience unexplained "events" such as time lapse, visions, ghosts, hearing voices etc. have brains that are extra sensitive to air ionisation fluctuations

Although I agreed with the film's scientist to this degree we parted company on the subject of being able to communicate in real time with the "tape recording" of past events that were, in his opinion "a stand - alone memory burnt into a particular place" that was not able to interact with anyone

I have been able to "tap" into these memory tapes and communicate with the so-called "recording"
Does this fact negate the scientific theory or does it underpin the strong possibility that science is on the right track but not there yet?

The film points out that despite scientific and psychic interaction the problem remains and so they turn to the church for help

I am unsure whether the church did help with the problem or simply supported the different family members on a psychological basis helping them to accept "their lot"

As fate has it just prior to watching the film I had completed a book "The Rite - The making of a modern exorcist" Matt Baglio

Father Gary Thomas was working as a parish priest in California when he was asked by his bishop to travel to Rome for training in the rite of exorcism. Though initially surprised, and slightly reluctant, he accepted this call, and enrolled in a new exorcism course at a Vatican-affiliated university, which taught him, among other things, how to distinguish between a genuine possession and mental illness.
Further details if you're interested

I found the writing difficult to follow at first ( probably due to laziness)! but the content was intriguing
If we are to believe news reports "Cases of Demonic Possession Soar" / then the Catholic church's response to this is legitimate. They are reacting to a supply & demand situation
What I find disappointing is the issue of the church's reasoning behind the increase in "demonic possessions" attributed to an "increase in esoteric following" Statements by Exorcist Fr. Raul Salvucci Salvucci written in his book. "Figures relating to the situation in Italy. Eight years ago, a University Congress held in Perugia discovered that in Italy the esoteric has a following of some 12 million. There were about 170,000 wizards, with income amounting to $600 million. Today, however, the income from these practices has risen to close to $3 billion." Source
As far as I am aware the definition of "esoteric" is "belonging to an inner circle," taken from the Greek "esoterikos"

Surely we all belong to an inner circle of one kind or another? Social networking sites that are "in vogue" for example. The Church as an institution is based on an "inner circle" of initiated teachers that preach to and guide the other uninitiated members
Why then decry other similarly structured institutions on the basis of "immoral earnings"?

I feel that this "waters down" the problem of increasing demonic possessions. It also masks the 21st century calamity of social and spiritual destruction. I have no doubt that current Western social deprivation is the key to the increase in demonic activity whether you believe in the forces of evil or not.
All you atheists move away from spiritual labels and consider this : capitalism = social deprivation. Social deprivation = UTTER MISERY

If you have the time or inclination watch BBC "Famous, rich and homeless" to get a taste of what our wonderful British culture has become
There may be those who believe they have escaped this but ask yourselves are you happy?
You may not have the time to even consider whether you're happy or not and if so I REST MY CASE!

As a psychic I welcome all fictional and factual horror genres. At worst they are laughable, at best they are enlightening. In total they highlight the possibility of the supernatural to those "uninitiated" WHOOPS!

As a psychic member of British society I also welcome all fictional, factual, even reality programmes that effectively highlight existing social issues

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