Friday, March 28, 2008

What a wonderful life


Have you ever wondered why you're unhappy? - if you are!

What about a radical change of your daily habits?
What about not paying attention to the mass media?
What about denying yourself the latest designer footwear or the latest in leather sofas( 2 for the price of one)?
What about talking to someone who actually lives next door?
What about thinking before you consume enough electricity to light up the Blackpool illuminations three times over?
What about smiling at a complete stranger as you pass them in the street or in a nearby car?


pXr said...

Oh yeah, I like it. Do anything out of the ordinary to change up the daily monotony of life.
Good advice.

Laane said...

Depends on why someone is unhappy.
But this advice might help many.

Kate said...

I'LL TRY IT ALL! Or at least the ones I can remember. ;)

SecretSin said...

I love smiling at people. Especially the ones who look miserable. Sometimes they just give you a dirty look, but I love it when strangers smile at me when I'm sad, so I hope someone else likes it too.


Elizabet said...

Keep smiling - it's the key to happiness

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