Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thousands mourn "God's postman"

My recent discussions on "Now That's Weird" radio touched on the subject of negativity in general, the attitudes of the media in apparantly reporting on bad news only and the affect that has on the population
A wealthy philanthropist known as 'God's postman' died in a car crash just two days after an extraordinary act of charity in which he handed out cheques worth £2m to help people fallen on hard times, staying up until 4am to ensure that no one was left out.

Benzion Dunner, 45, was killed behind the wheel of his £175,000 Bentley Arnage last weekend when it collided with a Toyota Celica on the A338 near Bournemouth, Dorset. The passengers of both cars, including two of Dunner's nine children, survived with slight injuries.

Two days earlier, hundreds of people had queued through the night outside Dunner's home in Golders Green, north London, asking for help with their financial troubles. He listened to each in turn before sharing out part of the personal fortune gained from his property business.

Dunner, an Orthodox Jew, gave away the money to mark the religious festival of Purim. His grieving father, Rabbi Aba Dunner, told The Observer: 'He was singing and dancing with them and made each one feel special. He listened carefully and each one was given help according to their needs. It went on all Thursday night through to Friday morning
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Obviously the family of Benzion must be devastated and my sympathies go out to them but what a wonderful legacy to leave
I for one was exhilirated by this report! Anyone else?


cube said...

No good deed goes unpunished.

Chandira said...

I think that's wonderful! I hope he died happy, sounds like he did! Certainly he went with a clearer conscience than most of us..

My husband is Jewish, and he also is a very generous and kind person, that goes contrary to the stereotype, doesn't it? ;-)

Elizabet said...

Hi Chandira

I have long given up attempting to analyse "stereotypes" particularly when it comes to the subject of the Jewish faith!
I would go as far as to say that there is no such thing. We are all unique beings whether we practice Judaism, Islam, Christianity etc. etc. My mother was born a Jew and my father fought against the nazi regime during the II WW
They were both the kindest, selfless indiviudals that I have ever met. I try not to judge anyone, particularly on their colour or creed. I guess there are good and bad in all!

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