Friday, March 28, 2008

Media and Psychics


We are all controlled by some extent or another by the media, whether we like it or not don't you agree?

I personally believe we are totally controlled by the media PERIOD!
Take this article written in the Times regarding the Madeleine McCann incident

Madeleine Police Use Psychic Reports in Hunt For Girl

Quote "Chief inspector Olegario Sousa said each clairvoyant claim was being taken seriously as one could contain a message from Madeleine's abductor
“That is one of the reasons that we cannot discard anything," he said. “We can’t put these messages in the bin. We must check them all in case it might be from the kidnapper.

Not a mention that just maybe a clairvoyant may have an answer!!

Quote "The decision to treat such reports seriously will fuel criticism of the police investigation which has failed to find any trace of Madeleine to collect enough evidence to arrest any potential suspects. The method will draw comparisons with the Hollywood movie “The Gift” which featured Cate Blanchett as a psychic who uses her powers to track down a missing woman.

Don't some police forces use clairvoyants to assist them in their detective work?
Why would any upstanding community body declare this fact if the use of clairvoyants was not positive?

The media hold a huge responsibility to convey news in a sensative and intelligent manner WHAT HAPPENED HERE?

I can only conclude that so called reputable newspapers are employing closed minded biggots!


dr pepper said...

I've often wondered about the Madeline case.There's just something that doesnt feel right about it.Both parents just seem way too cheerful about the whole thing and almost coldly unemotional.Do they know something we all dont?There is a conspiracy theory going around that its all a masonic hoax.The links being the similarities between her name and Mary Magdalene's and the fact that she has a defective iris(isis,the all seeing eye,big brother etc)and its all been done to help usher in microchip implants for everbody starting with children.Afterall they are already wanting to install cctv in every classroom and have thumb and iris scanners and have a permenant police presence in every school

Elizabet said...

Interesting comment
I guess everyone who cares has their own feelings relating
to this case
I hadn't heard the conspiracy theory - i can see the link having read your comments - you know sometimes i wonder whether we are able to read links, theories, connections into all material. Perhaps it just the way we perceive or interpret the details?

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