Saturday, February 02, 2008

A New Religion?

The spread in this century of new and nonconventional religions throughout the globe has raised important questions concerning patterns of diffusion, their international mechanisms and organisational aspects.
During the last couple of decades or so, the scholarly interest in contemporary new religions and religious movements of the Western world has been constantly increasing. In accordance with the traditional understanding of religious minorities, the interest has primarily focused on sociology, but recently a growing number of historians of religion have joined this particular field of research. It seems natural to say that the various academic approaches are all needed, and that good results very much depend on good working relationships between scholars from different academic traditions.
All religions are based loosley around the following elements:
Language, dress codes, interior design and style, a physical and other types of presence, the requirement for communciation, counter-cult development
If we look in general at the traditional religions we can deduce that all of them have been created within a tight social environment, providing adequate belief systems for that particular social group. The missionary religions, by their nature have globally spread encompassing many areas of the globe. For example there ae approx. 2 billion Christian adherents currently worldwide. They have successfully exported their design, complete with all the above elements, carefully adapting the style to maximise the conversion rate!
The rise of interest in the paranormal within the 20th century has, I believe, provided us with another alternative religion. Whether we need any more religions is anither debate!!
What do you think?


Radar said...

All religions started out as primitive social control.If you search into the origins of all of them you'll find the grubby fingerprints of the secret societies over all of them

David Icke is Kind of Right said...

It is a fact that the unconsious mind,the primitive brain,the R complex,or reptilian brain has no emotion and is ruled totally by symbolism,obsessiveness and ritualistic behavior.Psychopaths have no emotion and are ruled totally by symbols,obsessiveness and ritualistic behavior.Freemasonry is ruled
totally by symbolism and ritualistic behavior and has been behind ever major war in history resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent lives...i'll leave you to draw your own conclusions

Elizabet said...

Hi both
Interesting comments
Religion is such a huge topic. I guess that's why I enjoy it!

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