Saturday, February 02, 2008

Is interest in the paranormal healthy?

Articles point to evidence of the increase in the interest of this subject so now more than ever I feel this question is pertinent
Well do you think that any interest in the paranormal is healthy?

In my experience I have met many individuals that have joined a haunting break event, for example, who are struggling deeply with the loss of a loved one
If their experience during the break has been a positive experience, i.e. they have made communication with a loved one then the break has been a success!
If they have not experienced any form of this type of communciation perhaps the event has not been so successful for them?
It is my opinion that this type of interest in the paranormal is unhealthy
Don't misunderstand me, I cannot apply this to all guests on an event as most join simply for the unusual experience!
Another example of an unhealthy attachment to the paranormal world, in my opinion, are the many hundreds of people that repeatedly attend psychic reading sessions with psychics/mediums for this same reason. They leave elated if they manage to make communication/they leave despondent if they don’t and some return again and again to repeat this sad form of self torture!
I guess the answer as to whether this particular avenue of interest is positive or negative depends on the success rates of the mediums involved to communicate with the loved one( I don’t have any stats on this but would hope that there is a balance somewhere)
I would suggest that the better approach to bereavement would be to seek counselling as well as attend psychic reading sessions
On a positive note I know many individuals who regularly read their "stars" and have the ability to ignore the bad news and become elated with any good news. I know many individuals and healers who subscribe to "Cosmic ordering". This is a life-style that they choose to commit to and they are guided as much by this process as they are by any other life-style influences
I know and have met many individuals who live their life according to the occult
All of these people lead happy, balanced, contented lives
Take a look at this article by Henri Broch, Professor University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France - it discusses the issues concerning Paranormal Phenomena and Zetetics(Zetetics is the "method used to penetrate the reason and the nature of things" (Littré). Taught since the Antiquity, Zetetics is in fact the nonacceptance of any dogmatic statement. In brief the method could be defined as the Art of Doubting)
In conclusion I am forced to comment that any interest in the paranormal is healthy. As with all interests one needs to approach the subject with an open balanced mind


Radar said...

The paramormal,UFOs,conspiracy theories etc do seem to fill an emotional need for alot of people.I cant see the harm in wondering about things.The more you wonder the more you learn.I'd hate to live in a world where everything was explained and predictable.Unpredictability is what makes life so exiting

Elizabet said...

Totally agree that life would be really boring without unpredictability
I still believe that a balanced approached is required when studying any subject matter though

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