Sunday, February 24, 2008

East Kilbride man fools world with fake ghost pic

Hi All

AN East Kilbride man has confessed that a ghostly image set to feature on a top paranormal show, is a fake.

The photograph, purporting to show a Victorian girl standing by a chair in the attic of an old Aberdeen house, is currently circulating the worldwide web, as a genuine ghostly apparition.
Read on if you're interested
Nice story but a wee bit sad for all those who have taken REAL ghostie pictures!


dr pepper said...

i was in a room once when the mattress which was on the floor on the other side moved.i also heard an old womans voice speaking once in the same place.i now live in a even eerier recent years its seen countless suicides and one brutal has this cold almost morgue like feeling to it.the whole area where i live has an evil feel to it in fact.nearby there's a place where people used to be hung,drawn and quartered in public hundreds of years ago.i think that must have alot to do with's always felt creepy to me right back to when i was little

Elizabet said...

Interesting post
A scientific perspective on your comment would be intially to ask whether you knew about the grizzly goings on before your experiences?
How old were you when you had these experiences?
Have you had similar experiences where you live now?

dr pepper said...

i guess i was about 10 when i first felt funny about that part of town.i did actually have prior feelings about the murder.which turned out to be a pretty deranged way of murdering someone.i was forever getting this feeling of something evil upstairs.when first moved in being agorophobic it was very hard for me to figure out who lived where at took me 6 months to figure out who my next door neighbour was.well eventually when it all came to court i found out that the guy that did it actually lived in the flat above creepy is that?

Elizabet said...

Hi there again
You're obviously very sensative
I started seeing things and talking to people that others could not see when I was about 3
The strange part is that I believe all beings have an inate sensativity or psyhcic ability, it's just more pronounced in some than others. Like some people can play a musical instrument or be good at maths or engineering
I bet your experience has consolidated your reliance on your "gut feelings"

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