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Society for psychical research

Although this blog contains various popular articles that I personally find interesting you may be surprised to know that I also keep as up to date as possible with all scientific views on what we psychics get up to!
To quote C.G.Jung "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud."
I also have a great interest in philosphy and thought i'd post some intersting reading
For those that are interested please refer to the following list that are available from the SPR library:
History of psychical research
Collections and Analyses of Spontaneous Experiences
Experimental Psi
Mediums and Psychics
Near Death Experiences

Out of Body Experiences



Psi in Animals

Psi and Coincidences

Psi Photography



SPR website
Any comments or issues for discussion about the above subjects please post


david icke is kind of right said...

In my opinion scientists have only one ability...and that's the ability of forever proving themselves wrong

Radar said...

i trust scientists as far as I can throw them.They make us fill our homes with junk we dont really need.They fill our minds and bodies with junk that does us nothing but harm and they have filled the earth with toxins it will never ever be able to get rid of!

Elizabet said...

Whooo I'm shocked by such vigor!
There are those that would cry "without the enlightenment we would still be living in the dark ages"
The bartender Moe Szyslak in The Simpsons cried " what has science ever done for us"?
Hasn't science provided us with drugs to cure common ailments, the ability to view the planet earth and the universe in a new light, the knowledge and capabilities to create wonderous things?

Radar said...

If doctors love us so much why do they write DNR on every old persons medical file?Why are patients in psychiatric hospitals sedated like animals and have their minds ripped apart with ECT and why when a cure for cancer was discovered by Dr Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s was it completely buried?

Elizabet said...

Hi Radar
I have first hand experience of both the psychiatric and the cancer specialist facilities available. As a consequence I have asked myself the same questions repeatedly!
I concur that it is not science that creates the processes it is man. Politicians dictate the revenue available, individual health services decide how to spend the financial resources.
Perhaps those that make these vital decisions have never personally experienced the repercussions of their decisions?

Radar said...

I heard you mention once on Now That's Weird that it's your wish that one day science,spiritulism and the paranormal will all merge?Isnt that like trying to mix oil with water?Also isnt that one of the main beliefs of theosophy invented by Madame Blavatsky,that crackpot pseudo religion with beliefs that later became the core beliefs of the Nazi Party?

Elizabet said...

Hi there
From my sparse knowledge on Theosophy I understand that the main principle rests on the central text of Hinduism, The Bhagavad Gita, usually considered part of the sixth book of the Mahabharata (dating from about 400 or 300 B.C.)
As the main objects of the Theosophical Movement are the spreading of knowledge of the theosophical teachings, we must consider them first.

Theosophy does not teach that brotherhood depends upon external conditions -- social, political or even intellectual. Its root lies in the order of nature, in the organic unity of the human race, physically and, above all, spiritually. Universal brotherhood is not something to be constructed; mankind is really a great family, and it is only our blindness that prevents us from recognizing this and acting accordingly. Mankind is an organism; men are its constituent cells, and what injures one hurts all. Theosophy shows that the recognition of this in the life of each individual -- with all that it implies -- is the only basis on which a true civilization can be built.
With regard to your comment "core beliefs of the nazi party" if that's true then as always it's born out of a particular interpretation of a belief system!
Am I correct in assuming that your dislike for the Theosophical Society hinges on their secrecy?
Theosophy generally defined. The existence of highly developed men in the Universe. These men are the Mahatmas, Initiates, Brothers, Adepts. How they work and why they remain now concealed. Their Lodge. They are perfected men from other periods of evolution. They have had various names in history. Apollonius, Moses, Solomon, and others were members of this fraternity. They had one single doctrine. They are possible because man may at last be as they are. They keep the true doctrine and cause it to reappear at the right time
I understand a general dislike for all secret societies. Their mere existence creates a structure for those who belong and those who don't. I am not interested in any of these "clubs" only interested in the concepts behind their systems

Radar said...

I think she should of kept her crazy ideas inside her head where they couldnt do any harm.I'm not fooled by it's depth and it's detail.To me it's just an example of what you get when high intellect collides head on with a serious mental illness

Elizabet said...

Hi Radar
You could be right but maybe her life became structured and controlled by individuals like Mahatma Morya, the Master Koot Hoomi, Colonel Henry Steel Olcott? In the opinion of the Mahatmas, she was the best available instrument for the work they had in mind, namely to offer to the world a new presentation, though only in brief outline of the age-old Theosophia, "The accumulated Wisdom of the ages, tested and verified by generations of Seers...," A vehicle then who possessed certain gifts, used by others on a mission
It's too easy to shoot the messenger!

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