Saturday, February 16, 2008

Council Pays Psychic For Exorcism

I awoke to early morning news last week to hear this BBC report:

Council pays psychic for exorcism

A psychic was paid £60 by a council to rid a County Durham home of a "poltergeist" after ghostly goings-on.
Easington Council employed medium Suzanne Hadwin after Peterlee tenant Sabrina Fallon reported paranormal activity including moving objects.

Miss Fallon had even called police after hearing bangs which terrified her children Shannon, nine, and Amie, one.

A council spokesman said it paid half the psychic's fee as it was the most cost-effective solution.

Andrew Burnip, the council's homelessness and housing advice manager, said the family had been left "traumatised" by the strange goings on and wanted to leave the house.

The council considered rehousing the family in temporary accommodation but this would have cost up to £40 per night

Rasmus wrote into Now That's Wierd radio last night to ask whether I thought that this whole episode was based purely on the psychological aspects of this family
First of all I would like to thank Rasmus for getting in touch
What do I think?
Unexplained phenomenon is obviously based on the thought processes and approach to the episode by the person or persons who have experienced it. Even if the episode is investigated and rationally explained the individuals affected can still be traumatised by the experience!
If the house was haunted, which I believe is possible, the "clearing" or exorcism performed by a relevant practitioner, will usually settle the matter
If the house wasn't haunted and the habitants believed it to be, the same practical process will usually result in a positive outcome. How?
The psychological affect of a practitioner performing ritualistic manouvers will settle the matter.
We are all products of our nuture and nature. Whether we believe ourselves to be religious or not does not matter. What is important is that we are conditioned from birth to psychologically react to certain patterns of behaviour
Take a small child who stumbles and grazes their knee. Mum would immediatly show affection for the child, perhaps kissing the knee, whilst verbally assuring the child that the kiss made it better!
What we have here is a process of actions coupled with a ritual that results in a immediate miraculous cure! OK I can hear you saying that in this instance there were adults involved. In my opinion it really doesn't matter. What we learn early on in our lives remains with us into adulthood, no matter what age we are.
Social environment also plays a huge part in the development process which obviously colours our behaviour right through our lives
All religions depend on rituals, senses, sounds and repitition to maintain our adherence. It is through these habits that we find comfort in the religion of our choice. We humans rely on the familiar, particularly when we are distressed. The house therefore may or maynot have been haunted. What is important are the actions performed in response to the real or perceived problem!
I believe the council made an exceptionally brave move. It was apparently based on logical deduction regarding the cost. Well done Easington Council!!
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shiney said...

who really u?

Elizabet said...

Hi Shiney
Obviously I care enough to write the article!

Radar said...

the 'council' never ever pay for anything.we the people pay for everything.we must always remember this the public purse is a honeypot ready to be raided by these vultures we laughingly call politicians

Elizabet said...

Hi Radar
Do know what I agree. I have the same thoughts exactly but I then realise that we have "democratically" elected the vultures haven't we?
What's the answer to this?
Communism as an alternative system, appears to have generally imploded as a political model. Dictatorships appear to have failed over time. What's left??

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