Saturday, February 16, 2008

Precognition Exists!

Anyone see the BBC Horizon programme aired recently entitled
"How to make better decisions"?

generally interesting in terms of how our brains work and how easily we humans are psychologically conditioned and programmed
Specifically interesting in reference to proof of the existence of "precognition"
Science in general, is based on the principle of the attainment of proof via various trusted methods of testing isn't it?
During this programme Dr Dean Radin was shown conducting experiments that appeared to provide evidence of precognition
The experiment consisted of volunteers being shown a computer generated random selection of pictures based on calm and emotional scenes. The volunteers were wired to a machine that monitored and graphed their skin’s conductance
Apparently the premise for this test was that when we view emotional pictures our skin conductance rises. When we view calm pictures our skin conductance drops or remains steady
The experiment showed that there was a definite skin reaction to the pictures – but here’s the important part - about 3 seconds before the pictures were shown on the screen. The outcome showed that the volunteers knew which pictures were going to be shown before they appeared on the screen
Evidence of precognition? – appears sound!
With reference to this particular part of the programme the commentary stated something like " this information was not well received by other scientists"
I found that incredibly frustrating!
I suggest other scientists get together with Dr. Radin and conduct the same experiment under the exact same conditions and produce a report on their findings

Isn't that what science does? Analyse, test and then create an objective report BEFORE commenting?

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