Saturday, November 04, 2006

Crop Circle Discussion


Me again
Just finished another radio program's interview and amongst the many topics of discussion tonight guess what "cropped up" - crop circles!
Strange week for me this week - don't know - you probably all have them - you know, those weeks when coincidences appear unlimited in their occurrences?
Well to make it brief - I actually rented the DVD of "The Da Vinci Code" - oogh!
If you have read the book or seen the movie, you know the part towards the end that takes place in Rosslyn chapel, the reader or viewer is taken down the steps into the inner sanctuary. The tomb of the Virgin Mary has lain here for some time in secret- well when I visited Rosslyn chapel earlier this year, before reading the book or watching the film, I saw the spirit of a woman walk through one of the walls of this area and she looked just like the depiction of the Virgin Mary in the film- weird or what?
After the film came to an end I started to analyse the content and obviously realising that the story was fictional thought that Dan Brown was really clever in melding fact, fiction and imagination in such an entertaining way!- that then led me to think about a report that I had seen regarding an analysis of the plaster work in part of the chapel- this report claimed that the plaster blocks running along the chapel dome represented a musical note. The shaped artwork on each block represented a tone and when all the blocks were played together as a musical composition they in turn created a piece of religious music that had been banned by the church some centuries before
Now - you may think I have lost the plot but guess what - we are into the realm of "Cymatics" the visualisation of vibration or sound - you know sprinkle some sand or salt onto a metal plate or similar object - create a vibration by using a bow, ( bow the metal plate), stand back and watch the pattern that is created in the sand ( dependent on the tone of the sound)
My point to this rendition is that this theory may be applied to the creation of "
crop circles"
So in one week I have watched a film that fictionally depicted the form of a woman that I actually saw in Rosslyn chapel, studied a theory on Rosslyn Chapel's plasterwork that has led to a subject that I have always been interested in, "Cymatics" and then asked my opinion on the origin of "crop circles"

Strange but true!

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