Saturday, October 07, 2006

Positive Thinking

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Following discussions last night on the "Now that's Wierd" radio programme I feel compelled to share some of those thoughts with you
I actually cringed when I wrote the above title because I amongst many others, no doubt, am tired of the endless "new age" passion for writing about self improvement and the current trend that has convinced most of the younger generation of today that if they believe something it will indeed materialise!
I am referring to the mass media coverage of never-ending banal television programmes that allow us an "honored" glimpse of talentless individuals making a complete arse of themselves!
Don't get me wrong I believe this is entertainment at its best, after all you would have to be "braindead" not to have to politely stifle a giggle at some of the contestants on shows like "The X Factor" and "Beauty and the Geek" and entertainment of this genre has existed for centuries so it works!
Returning to my original point of "positive thinking" I would like to embellish a little on these two small words and ask you to stay with me for just a little while?
Positive thinking has also existed since time began and may be found in all types of religious and spiritual tenets
My discussions last night centered on how one becomes a positive thinker
Here's my HIT LIST:
1 Learn to meditate- not difficult but requires time and a personal tenacity - there are literally thousands of on line courses, books and tutor groups to help you get started so please refer to the following help or of course choose your own method
2 Whilst meditating learn to practice the art of "self detatchment"- this will allow one to move away from all personal experiences and therefore encourage an objective viewpoint - this in turn will destroy stress as stress is a symptom of any emotional experiences that may not be controlled or are not seen in a "detatched" way
Wow I sound like a control freak - maybe I am?
To continue though I should also make the point here that the above messures are merely a means to achieving "positive thinking"not mould someone into a heartless, selfish maniac!!
3 Use support whilst meditating in the form of
crystals - clear quartz for beginners but take a look at the linked article - it should help you further
4 If you have successfully mastered steps 1 to 3 then the next step is to concentrate on changing how you perceive and receive information that has potential personal effect
STOP thinking how something affects you - THINK about managing those thoughts and break them down into questions: Can I do anything about this information / if you can then do it - if you can't then forget it !
5 Repetition is the key to changing our habits and after a while steps 1 to 4 will become second nature and part of your everyday life

Obviously I have created the above steps to provide an extremely SIMPLE approach to something that has been discussed, written about and digested for centuries, "Positive Thinking"
I am not advocating complete detatchment to life and personal relationships I am merely attempting to share my practices with others to allow a demystification to take place concerning "peace of mind" and "attainment of enlightenment"
We all have within us the ability to be at one with the universe, the Godhead and ourselves and it is my personal belief that all three are one and the same thing !

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