Friday, March 16, 2007

Hi there
I'm back!!

A series of recent & longer term experiences have compelled me, once again, to put pen to paper or even fingers to keyboard!!
For some time now, actually most of my life, I have been "swaying" in & out of the consequences of "mental health" issues. To put things another way, I have been affected personally by close family members who have and still do suffer with "mental health" problems. Obviously this has deeply effected my perception of the nucleus of a family and society in general!
I therefore, perhaps misguidedly consider myself knowledgable within this area, but hey, come on, who better than a self - confessed psyhcic to espouse the machinations and intricacies of this broadly labelled "ILLNESS"
We in the West and the UK in particular are generally "bobbing along" either under the mishaprehension that the sick and weak within our society are comfortably and adequately taken care of by the appropriate "body" or don't give a shit!

Our caring society's approach to "mental health issues" are at best fabricated lies creatively promoted to "dupe" the masses.

I watched a TV programme the other night that covered the alchoholism problem in Russia. One guy who produced the chemicals used by the poor within the country,to manufacture alcohol stated that he didn't feel responsible for those people who killed themselves by drinking the concoction because they were "moral degenerates"
BRAVO- I shout! At least he had the guts to speak honestly!!

I would dearly love to hear one of our Western politicians state the same when they talk of mental health issues
I am sick and tired of listening to lies,lies and more lies
Fact: 1 in 4 of UK residents will suffer some form of mental health issue within their life time.
Fact: Don't expect too much if and when this happens to you
Fact: The National Health Service has limited funds
Fact: The funding allocated for the mental health service is totally and utterly inadequate!
Fact: To add insult to injury the benefit system is designed for access by qualified lawyers or those of us with an IQ of 200+- DEFINITELY NOT THE VULNERABLE!

Who was it said that "a society may be judged by its treament of the vulnerable"
Guess what - the jury's out - but not for long! -

There - I feel better already!! But seriously if there's anyone out there that has an opinion on this issue I would love to hear what you have to say!


Gaz the Unwise said...

Agreed!! I think in part because it is an invisible illness and those effected by the very nature of the various mental diseases are in no state to contest their treatment. In this PC society where a black, non christian, gay with disabilities has more rights than a married, caucasian who can walk unaided.

I never relised until a few years ago that I have swung in and out of depression for years. It was only internet research that led me to contact mental health charities and eventually my GP. Because I had not actually attempted to commit suicide it was a case of try these tablets. I do not take tablets so I do swing in and out of depression. My final self diagnosis occured after the death of a close loved one. I found the way over it was to tell eople how I felt. Not a strategy for all but it helped me.

As I see it people cant see you are ill. If I had a broken leg people would see it and make allowances. They cant see a broken mind so let them know you got one.
But yes, the limited resources of the NHS and the attitude of our "caring" society totally sucks. I guess politicians know disabled groups and people with broken legs vote. The mentally ill probably have trouble existing day to day to be bothered to vote. Cynically I say politicians know this.

Elizabet said...

Hi Gaz
Thanks for taking the time to post
For what it's worth I believe your self help therapy is the most appropriate route to take. Talking about things really does help! Drugs long term or short term don't appear to work as they obviously come with a load of side-effects!
As for politicians - I guess the only time we will witness an improvement in the mental health service will be when a politician suffers with mental health problems- SHOULDN'T IT BE TOP OF THE LIST IN TERMS OF FUNDING AND QUALITY THEN?

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