Monday, April 03, 2006

Vampires- do they exist?

OK I'm not nuts - or at least I don't believe I am!
As a child I was mesmirized by the my first encounter with a vampire - the book Dracula by Brahms Stoker!
After that it was up hill all the way in my attempts to watch any films that contained anything to do with vampires, Nosferatu, by S.W. Murnau, Dracula, 1931, Carl Laemmle's Universal pictures and the scores of adaptations on the theme from Hammer Horror!!
From those early years of clutching a crucifix to my chest whilst in bed the passing of time allowed me to intellectualise the subject matter and consequently reduced, but didn't eradicate my fear!
It wasn't until much later in my life that I discovered that Psychic Vampires really do exist
Whilst training as a healer I became emersed in the concept of energy, the existence of the aura, which is the embodiment of the life's energy that surrounds all living beings.
As the basis of holistic healing is the care of the whole being including the energy that exists inside and around the core then it is essential to recognise not only the energy of the "self" but the energy of those around us!
Psychic vampires exist on draining the energy from other individuals instead of their blood.
Perhaps you have been in the company of someone and felt completely drained afterwards without giving it a second thought or questioning why. Let's face it, in today's world, most of us expect to end a typical day feeling completely knackered!
Most healers will tap into natural energy to enable them to carry out their healing but psychic vampires are either unable to use natural energy, are unaware that they "prey" on another's energy or actually steal another beings energy to support their own needs!
I am interested in anyone's experiences, perhaps you have met someone like this and having read this article, have only now realised what's been happening?
Get in touch to discuss
I will post a second article on the "tricks of the trade" to enable you to protect yourself from all those psychic vampires out there - believe me there are many!
This post follows on from a discussion on Net Talk radio a couple of weeks ago, due to the interest it stemmed!


allan said...

Some have suggested that the idea of vampires may have come from rabies victims.

Avoiding people, eager to attack and bite, avoiding light, and other symptoms combined with fear generated by the reports may have created the idea.

Or not.

Elizabet said...

Hi Allan
Thanks for the post
I actually read a report some time ago that suggested biblical examples to support the concept of psychic vampirism "Delilah's cunning seduction of Samson in which she vampirised him by cutting his hair", the source of his strength. The woman who touched the hem of Christ's robe who was infused by energy whilst Christ simultaneously felt the energy leaving his body. This suggests examples of the possibility of the transference of energy. Not a great step though to support the argument of psychic vamprirism?
I have also recently seen a television programme that documented village life in the Baltics where some of the dead are staked through the heart after burial, i.e. dug up and then staked, to prevent them from becoming vampire-like!

Cat said...

I've dealt with psy-vamps...I do think some are this way but don't know it.

I have shed those 'friends' that I felt were in this category and by losing my judgements of them and realizing they are emotionally needy -- I have prevailed!

Elizabet said...

Hi Cat
Good for you!
I've found it absolutley impossible to remain around psy-vamps without using the "Visualisation Protection Technique"
You mention that you've "ditched" those that were affecting you and that's fine ( one definite way of stopping them) but you may find that you have a close relationship with someone that is a psy-vamp without knowing it and you don't want to end the realtionship!
Use this simple technique that is garunteed to stop your energy being drained by another being;
Use a simple meditation technique, i.e. sit quietly on your own and concentrate on your breathing pattern, slow your breathing down over the space of 5 minutes. Next, visualise your aura surrounding your physical body and imagine a bright light moving in from the ether to encompass your aura. This light will "seal" your aura from all external influences ( called "Blocking")
It will take some time to practice this but you should be able to master this within a week of daily practice( let's say 10 minutes at the beginning and end of each day). Once this has been acheived yo will be able to switch this on and off at will. When you are in the presence of someone who you suspect of draining your energy( psy-vamp) switch it on. It'll work a treat!
Another tip - think before you even "shake hands" with someone!- That's another way in which psy-vamps can completely and utterly drain another individual.
I realise that when you shake hands with someone you've only just met them- but use your intuition- it never fails!!
Once again, as with all things this takes time to master but it is really like riding a bike- once mastered it will always serve you
Hope this has helped!

Anonymous said...

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