Tuesday, April 04, 2006

John Lennon -Imagine his ghost?

Hot news at the moment according to CNN & Reuters!
Obviously they'd be the first to hear as the poor man was murdered in the states over 25 years ago!
I was extremely interested in the details which inform me of an attempt to communicate with the genius's spirit April 24th. Apparantly Starcast Productions are going to air the attempt on a "pay per view" channel! WOW - I for one will be tuned in!
More recent media coverage on this news has led me to question the concept of attempts to communciate with spirits. Why? I never cease to be amazed at individual and group reactions to this subject matter.
My years of research and study have allowed me the privilidge of communicating with and getting to know many individuals and groups from all over the world. Although we've all stemmed from different cultures, hold different creeds and possess contrasting values my experience has been extremely fulfilling and sometimes enlightning. Personally I never attempt to preach, attack or convert another individual to my way of thinking. I treat other Human Beings with total respect and hope that in return they will treat me the same way! Why then do I detect a general negative media attitude to such a scheduled programme?
Is it that those with power are set against this act and the issue of pychic phenomena?
Do those in power control the media and consequently control the masses?
We are supposed to exist in a democratic society that upholds "freedom", freedom of speach, choice etc.
For those out there who do not choose to watch this programme - that's fine - don't tune in!
For those of us who choose to watch I hope that the communication attempt is successful!
John Lennon was a genius on this earth and no doubt continues his genius through the guise of an extremely enlightened being!
What do you think?
I'd be interested in hearing your views?

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