Friday, March 03, 2006

Natures Colours and the Aura

"There is nothing paranormal in the Universe, except the understanding of Nature. What we think we know is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge"
The Aura may be defined as a vibrationary field that surrounds every living thing.
I believe that everyone has the ability to see an Aura with their naked eye, it's just that we have lost this ability through nuture, culture and environment!
Why bother even trying? you may ask. Well in answer I say this:
Developing skills concerning auras opens up a whole new world!
We can read other individuals without having to communciate verbally. One look at the colour of their Aura will confirm to us what they are thinking and what they feel!
This ability can be put to good use, particularly if you find yourself in the position of not being able to verbally communicate with another person. For example, say you find yourself caring for someone who cannot verbally communicate- all you need do is read their aura and the colours will confirm how they are feeling!
Interested? then read on- I have put together a very short lesson on how to begin practicing:

Sit someone in front of a softly illuminated plain white background
Concentrate on looking at their "Third Eye" (Middle of their forehead)
Make sure you focus on this spot for 60 seconds or longer(more difficult to acheive than you imagine)
After 30 seconds has elapsed analyse the surroundings with your peripheral vision, ensuring that your direct vision remains focused on their "Third Eye"
You will notice that the immediate background surrounding the individual has a different colour compared to the more distant background- that is the Aura!
This takes practice and time but is well worth the effort!
Keep posted as my next post will concentrate on the colours and their meanings!


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