Saturday, March 18, 2006

Aura Colours

A littl late but never the less, as promised, the following list will give the colours of the aura and their meaning. For all those out there who have read the previous posting and have been practicing reading the aura then this is the next stage;

Purple: Indicates spiritual thoughts. This colour is never a strong point in the aura, it appears only temporary as "clouds" or "flames", indicating true spiritual thoughts
Turquoise: This colour indicates a dynamic quality of being, a highly energised personality, capable of a projection that could influence other beings. Individuals who have this colour in thier aura are good organisers and enjoy multi-tasking. These individuals make good bosses as they explain, motivate and lead by example
Blue: Individual beings that have this colour in their aura are extremely balanced. They are capable of transmitting forces and energy, of relaxing their nervous system to acheive a balanced mind. They are "Born Survivors"
Electric Blue: When an individual is transmitting or receiving information in a telepathic communciation this colour will over-ride all other colours in the aura.
Yellow: This colour indicates joy and freedom, non-attachment. A yellow colour within the aura is indicative of an inner joy. A yellow halo aura indicates a spiritual teacher.
Green: This indicates a natural healing ability. Being in the presence of someone with a green aura is an extremely peaceful and restful experience
Orange: This colour shows an inspiring natire. Individuals with this colour can control other individuals, albeit in a positive manner. This colour is also a sign of a spiritual teacher
Red: This indicates materialistic thoughts adn thoughts about the self
Pink: As the colour pink is made up of red ( the lowest frequency) and purple( the highest fequency) this colour shows a truly balanced individual being. The true balance between the spiritual and material existence. This colour is rarely seen on earth ( connected with earthly beings) but may sometimes be glimpsed as a temporary thought

Colours that appear darker than the background( they can be perceived as smoke);

Brown: Materialistic, this indivdual is unsettled and distracted.
Grey: Depressed, unclear intentions, dark thoughts, depressing thoughts
Mustard: This indicates pain, anger and a lack of ease
White: This indicates a lack of harmony, it can indicate serious illness or the use of artificial stimulation

That's it for now!
If you are keen to learn how to read the aura and diagnose what you see then the previous article combined with this should set you on the path
Please get in touch with any questions at all - I'll be glad to help


Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Hi, my name is Francisca Mitchell and I am a Bowen therapist in Lightning Ridge, Australia. I also use some Reiki from time to time. I have one client who, when I work around her head area is seeing colours. She has her eyes closed. We would love to know if there is any significance and if so the meanings if any of the colours she is seeing. Today:purple, orange, yellow and a midnight blue with silver 'fireworks.

Hope you can help.

Elizabet said...

Dear Francisca,
From your comments I believe that your client is experiencing a reaction to your healing!
She is seeing colours that denote what is happening to her at a particular moment.
Your healing starts a general healing process within the physical body as well as promoting healing within the psychic body.
The colours that you mention are a physical manifestation of the healing process. A description of the colours and their meaning is posted above so from that you should be able to detect what is happening.
The "silver fireworks" that you mention having been seen are a physical manifestation of the energy force that you attune to when you start your healing process. It all sounds extremely positive and should induce a feeling of well-being in your client as well as tackle specific problem areas.
Hope this helps!
If not please don't hesitate to get back to me on this blog and we can discuss things further!
Thank you for your interest and time.

Anonymous said...

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