Friday, February 24, 2006

Seance mumbo-jumbo?

On its most basic level a form of attempting communciation with the dead?
Later known as channeling!
No scientific evidence has ever been gathered concerning the possibility of communciating with the dead and skeptics consider seances to be shams!
What's your view?
Do you believe that a seance is just part of a huge amount of "mumbo jumbo"?
Do you believe that communciation with the dead is possible within this context?
Do you believe that only those schooled in the Spiritualist movement should be able to conduct a seance?
Have you ever considered that any communciation between the living and the dead could be the result of psychokinesis(PK) and that this phenomenon has NOTHING at all to do with any groups, religious or otherwise?
Get in touch with your comments and we can debate this enormous issue!
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