Monday, February 13, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Don't tell me you haven't heard of it?
Most out there will have read the book or are waiting patiently for the film release!
I have been interested in all things mysterious since I was a child and consequently have devoured books containing myths, legends, conspiracy theories, etc. etc.
Whatever your thoughts on the Da Vinci Code( I'm keeping mine to myself!) it has created an enormous amount of interest and attracted many visitors to the places that the author draws attention to!
A point in case is that of Rosslyn Chapel
I recently had the opportunity of visiting the Chapel on behalf of Haunting Breaks to establish whether we could include the site within a package based in Edinburgh.
Described by past writers as a" Bible in stone" the Chapel exudes an air of mystery- not surprising as the structure plays host to a range of carved figures, from the angelic to the grotesque; from the Biblical to the Apocryphal alongside a profusion of Greenmen!
Whilst visiting the ground floor I suddenly became aware of a form before me in white.
It was a woman as I clearly saw her face and her long blonde hair from beneath her hooded cloak
Has anyone else who has visited the Chapel seen anything similar?


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd drop a line and post some links to extremely interesting points of views re- Dan Brown's book
The jury's still out for me 'cos I just seem to arrive at my take on the subject and something else crops up to sway be another way!
What the hell- I guess I'll never reach a conclusion - just like millions of others out there!!
Thanks for posting on the subject though- the more debate - the nearer we will get to the conclusion?

Elizabet said...

Hi Anonymous
Don't know whether you caught a recent television programme re - the infamous "Da Vinci Code"
I am ashamed to admit that I cannot remember the creator of the programme but my point is about the questions that this programme raised: I have taken the following from "YOU SEEM TO HAVE A FASCINATION WITH SECRET SOCIETIES? CAN YOU COMMENT?
My interest in secret societies is the product of many experiences, some I can discuss, others I cannot. Certainly my research of organizations like NSA, the Vatican, NRO, and Opus Dei continues to fuel my intrigue. At a more fundamental level, though, my interest sparks from growing up in New England, surrounded by the clandestine clubs of Ivy League universities, the Masonic lodges of our Founding Fathers, and the hidden hallways of early government power. New England has a long tradition of elite private clubs, fraternities, and secrecy. On that theme, the next Robert Langdon novel (already in progress) is set deep within the oldest fraternity in history…the enigmatic brotherhood of the Masons"
This programme interviewed members of a "Masonic Lodge" actually talking through and explaining some of the rituals used ( first for me) and then went on to categorically deny the existence of "Opus Dei"
Do you know what? After watching it I started to see the whole story of the Davinci Code collapse before my eyes- I consider myself to be of average intelligence and have always been interested in religious theories, texts and tenets- the bottom line for me is that I enjoy the mystery surrounding the basis of this novel and many novels that have come before it. Whether the concept of the story lies in some factual truth or not - I love it!!- I actually think it does!!

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