Saturday, February 04, 2006

Net Talk Radio Questions

Hello to all those listeners who got in touch Friday 3rd February and many thanks for your kind remarks!
PSI- question Jed ( USA)

Hi Jed,

Your question regarding the definition of PSI has led me to create the following for you and others. Hope it helps!
What do parapsychologists study?
PSI - definition- A neutral term for parapsychological phenomena. Psi, psychic, and psychical are synonyms
Telepathy - Direct mind - to - mind communication
Precognition - Also called premonition. Obtaining information about future events, where the information could not be inferred through normal means
Claivoyance - Sometimes called remote viewing; obtaining information about events at remote locations, beyond the reach of normal senses
ESP - Extra-sensory perception; a general term for obtaining information about events beyond the reach of the normal senses
Psychokinesis - Also called PK; direct mental interaction with physical objects; animate or inanimate
Bio-PK - Direct mental interactions with living systems
NDE - Near death experiences; an experience reported by those who were revived from nearly dying; often refers to a core experience that includes feelings of peace, OBE, seeing lights and other phenomena
Reincarnation - The belief that we live successive lives, with evidence, primarily coming from the apparent recollections of previous lives by very small children
Haunting - Recurrent phenomena reported to occur in particular locations that include, apparitions, sounds, movement of objects, and other effects

Lastly, this note is for you Nita,
Poltergeist - Large-scale PK phenomena often attributed to spirits, but which are now thought to be due to a living person, frequently an adolescent
Please be aware that these definitions are the given scientific explanations currently available.
As discussed last night I personally believe that the number of poltergeist reports are low due to the general reluctance associated with all paranormal episodes to come forward and report them.
Fear of ridicule, fear of becoming an outsider within our own cultural community is as prevelant today as it has alwys been.
I have read that since the Enlightenment period Western culture has banished the "dark ages" and moved forward into a new accepting scientific community!
We are today, as always afraid of being different! In fact I believe today, we are more afraid of being labelled "different" - SAD isn't it?

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