Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lumley Castle

The Lumley Castle event was extremely interesting!
A number of experiences are worthy of note:
Guests and staff team witnessed the spirit of a young boy. He was extremely playful and commenced his "performance" by pushing a staff team member on the back of the leg whilst the team were setting up their equipment.
We used the most reported "active" room as our "hub room" which proved to be exciting!
Our psychic sat and made notes on what she was experiencing during the introduction period and her findings were compared to those reported by guests and staff during the debrief session towards the end of the event.
One guest commented on a young boy with shoulder length dischevelled hair who appeared to be about 8 or 9 years old.
This particular guest had not experienced anything like this before attending this event. Needless to say she was in complete shock when she read the psychic's notes at the end of the evening, as the comments matched perfectly!
The description of this young boy also matched staff's comments!

Whilst conducting a vigil with a group of guests a fast moving "shadow" was reported to have been seen by one of the guests, following a request for communication. The figure moved very quickly towards a chair at the far end of the room. The psychic described the "shadow" as that of the young boy and having asked for evidence of his presence commented that he actually appeared sitting on this particular chair.
The guests quickly took photographs and one in particular shows an extremely bright orb in the centre of this chair.
See the photograph above and send in your comments!

Whilst conducting any events we at Haunting Breaks always stress the importance of building up evidence in support of psychic events or experiences. We ask that the guests measure feelings, temperature, noises, response timings, EMFs etc. in order to support orb photographs.
I believe that this photograph and all the combined supportive elements put forward a good case for an actual spirit presence!
I would like to hear your views!

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