Monday, April 26, 2010

‘More People Than Ever Seeing Ghosts’, Says Britain’s Paranormal Expert

Times may be changing, but the public view on paranormal and demonic activity is apparently not changing with it. A study has shown that many modern day Britons are as convinced as ever of the validity of satanic and ghostly forces in our world.

The study, led by Lionel Fanthorpe and based off of records of alleged sightings, show that Yorkshire is the most common place where modern reports of paranormal activity are found. In that region, 74 reports have been made in 25 years, including ghosts, demons that feed on sexual energy (the succubus), and demonic possession.

This is part of an overall 968 reports over two and a half decades from all over Britain.

According to The Telegraph, the most “paranormal activity” comes from the following regions:

1. Yorkshire 74
2. Devonshire 57
3. Somerset 51
4. Wiltshire 46
5. Inverness 39
6. Dorset 37
7. Norfolk 32, Lancashire 32
8. Sussex 30, Derbyshire 30
9. Essex 29, Suffolk 29
10. Lincolnshire 24

What do you think? mere superstition, cultural environment or more to it??

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