Friday, April 23, 2010

101. Near-Death Experience Skeptics Running Out of Excuses

Interesting article on NDEs - interesting that is if you're interested in the subject matter. For those who have experienced this & I am one, this sort of experience remains with you for the rest of your life. Your self-doubt and continual reassessment of the facts unfortunately bring you no closer to a rational scientific explanation.
Anyone else relate to this? If so please share your experience here with me

101. Near-Death Experience Skeptics Running Out of Excuses


Anonymous said...

i suppose it depends on what is meant by near death, i have a had a bullet pass by my ear twice, i have been buried in a mining incident, i am having open heart surgery in 48 hours so lets see if the soft white cloud,
long corridor, bright white light is "heaven" or sweet sister morphine. Oh i how long for the latter one!!!

SoftTouchLenses said...

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Elizabet said...

Hi Anon
I had surgery about 10 years ago and didn't cope well - difficulty breathing - during that period I saw everything that the surgeons were doing to me and have to say - was not keen to return - felt so nice where i was! don't get me wrong i have a good life so wasn't down to that!
Anyway good luck with your scheduled surgery - coincidentally my business partner had heart surgery today and is doing well!

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