Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ghost Organisations


Since the dawn of Haunting Breaks we have strived to create short activity breaks that offer comfortable amenities, historical & architectural interest combined with a paranormal history.
We now partner with hundreds of haunted castles, manor houses & inns across the UK & Europe that provide just this service. Hand-picked by our dedicated team of professionals these are the platform for our unique overnight experiences.
The actual event offers a fine dining experience followed by the chance to become part of a small group that practice table-tipping, glass divination & seances in known haunted areas within the venue in the DARK of course! OK you're not on your own AND our experts are on - hand to keep the lid on things!
Not everyone will be interested believing that we're a bunch of "nerds" who wonder around in the dark with our anoraks on shouting "I've got an orb"!
We do of course but seriously the aim is to give people the means to be able to divine for themselves and experience something that they may never even have thought of before.
We've welcomed a vast cross section of the general public over the years, from doctors & lawyers to call - centre handlers & celebrities.
Everyone becomes equal when they're challenged by the unknown. Everyone wonders what moves the table or touches them lightly on the shoulder during a seance. Everyone is amazed by the feel of a dowsing pendulum or divining rod when the energy & vibrations start to move them.
These event experiences are so subtle they are extremely difficult to describe and convey in the written form. They are however, unforgettable and suitable for all! ( guess you'll just have to take my word for that)!
With that I'll shut up & get onto the real reason for my post:
We would like to offer the following to all groups, associations and companies that work within our genre:
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If you have any questions get in touch. We're here to help

And for those who haven't a clue what I'm talking about check out this video

Bye bye for now

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