Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas List to Santa


Been a while since last post but personal circumstances haven't been great and consequently lost my "Mo Jo"

Anyway back to Christmas the time of "Good will to all men" & "peace on earth"

Is it just my depressive mood or have we human beings lost the plot or never really got it?

Whatever our faith surely us westerners have got to get a grip on what we are, what we do and the consequences of our decisions and actions

I recently watched with horror, the Iraq enquiry and although conscious of the value of an enquiry, wondered why as a nation or individuals we allowed this and any other wars to flourish
Of course I am not naive and realise that politics and other factors are the "mainstay" of any wars, but I feel that we need to start thinking about we do.
Each of us can make a difference if we step off the wheel, step out of the "machine" that blinds us to what we really are

We can start this by taking control of our lives. Each one of us needs to change the way we think. Start considering others, even in a small way.

Here's my Christmas Wish List:
Say hello to a neighbour, ask them if they're OK or maybe need some help?
Ask yourself whether you need something NOT want it
Think about other people you may know who live alone - get in touch
See what's on in your local area - hospitals,
charity orgs.
and give some time to assist them
Think about those who will not even have shelter this Christmas
Stop yourself being drawn into the "retail frenzy" by considering what Christmas or any holiday period is really about - it's about spending time with loved-ones, friends and family & does NOT relate to money in any way

So many of us take for granted the food, shelter, health and love we have. Don't wait until this is threatened - MAKE a DIFFERENCE NOW!
I'll now put my "soap box" away at least until the new year!

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