Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Psychic Space-Clearers What Next!


The Independent newspapers' Brian Viner has today written an article on Haunting Breaks in The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow
It's factual, entertaining and amusing, but the part that particularly interested me is where he refers to "the experts' expert being consulted for her opinion on the paranormal status on the hotel. Not a problem apart from where she refers to herself as a "space clearer" and further explains the reason for the necessity to "space clear"
Apparently, in her opinion, many ghosts spend eons on their own due to the particular nature of their death and therefore require assistance to "move on" to join others
This is certainly not the first time that I have heard or read of this particular philosophy and in response would like to go on record as stating that I totally disagree with this
Am I the only psychic who thinks this way or are there any more of you out there?
Obviously I would like to start a "heated debate" regarding this issue so come on SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!


Melissa said...

I remember reading about a sort of "space clearing" done by a ghost guide/author, Melissa Van Rossum. In her book "Their Way Home" she explains how there are discontented ghosts who do linger in homes or buildings and how she goes about sending them home.

I loved the book and highly recommend reading it.

netgem said...

i believe all psychic ability is just the subconsious mind doing the sherlock holmes job it was designed to do.dreams are part of its deduction must of heard the saying 'sleeping on a problem'.it will throw up deductions at randam too if it feels they are things we urgently need to know that certain people mistakenly interpret as psychic messages.the subconsious mind is actually alot cleverer than we give it credit for

welovemountaindew said...

about 8 years ago for no particular reason i kept getting the numbers 36 and 6 coming into my head.they wouldnt go away.then i move to a new place and 6 years later a neighbour in my block of flats is murdered in Flat 36.The guy is also 36 years old.He is also stabbed in the face 6 times!Then a month ago another guy dies in Flat 26 and Im now thinking should i warn the person in Flat 16?Chillingly also if you write all the flat numbers like this

Flat 36
Flat 26
Flat 16

you get 3 2 1 and 6 6 6!

Elizabet said...

Hi Netgem
You could be right!
I don't believe we will understand the full potential of the human mind until our current scientific approach ditches some of its arrogance!

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