Friday, May 30, 2008

Henry VIII Ghost?


I recently had the pleasure of visiting a new Haunting Breaks venue, Bolebroke Castle in Sussex.
An extremely warm welcome awaited me and I found this hunting lodge that once belonged to Henry VIII extremely atmospheric and intriguing
I wondered around the various rooms during the pleasant afternoon, taking note, as usual, of what I encountered in terms of apparitions or whatever you want to call them! - not a hard days work I know!
When did I earn my money? - later that evening I returned, following some food at a nearby pub and really struggled to even enter the front door. The overwhelming psychic power inside the lobby was like nothing I have ever previously encountered.
Having managed to climb the huge staircase and eventually find by allotted bedchamber I was distraught to note that my room adjoined that of Henry VIII bedchamber. I just knew that I would not be able to sleep during this night.
My anxiety heightened almost immediately following sight of a woman who walked through the king's bedchamber wall and straight through me. The melancholy that drenched her persona rubbed off into my psychic aura and left me silently weeping.
ENOUGH! I said out loud though there was no-one to hear and rallied myself to get ready for sleep. I admit to getting into bed with my clothes on. Not a general habit, but I believe now I crazily thought that if things got too rough I could make my hurried escape!
Like a small child I left the lamp on, something that I haven't done for decades, believing that in light there would be sanctity. I was wrong!!!
Just moments after resting my head against propped up pillows, a heavy, dower presence appeared and pressed down on the edge of the bed close to my Right arm. I could not move, I could hardly breath, and the rasping breath that accompanied the powerful form took pleasure in conveying his glee in stumbling across a "visitor" for the night. It took all my strength and psychic power to ward off this spirit who I believe was that of Henry VIII!
For those interested in the Tudor period particularly with the release of the film "The Other Boleyne Girl" check out the event. Anne Boleyne's ghost has been seen at the castle as well as many others!
It really is a unique opportunity to step into another world for a moment.


Thomas said...

Totally off the subject i know but as a psychic what do you think of this?

and also this

Elizabet said...

Hi Thomas
Having looked over the sites that you have referred to I am not sure what you mean by what do I think?
So without being able to be specific my feelings about the sites are that people offer and try anything that they feel an enormous passion for
Whether it is creating a huge PR campain to support their personal goals or offering their services that they believe to be very real and useful to others. Strange that you have pinpointed this subject matter as I have personally just returned from a week's tour where I experienced a somehwhat unusual episode for me!
I cannot go into detail but suffice to say that I actually found myself in the position of roaming buildings and land psychically searching for archeological evidence and water sources that have long dissappeared
I did my best with a true heart and the findings were extremely accurate. Obviously I am aware that this exercise was not crucial or a matter of life or death. But if one compares this in theory to those who search for missing individuals using the same method and practice then one can understand that I find it probable that certain individuals can and do provide crucial evidence to the police and families of missing people. NOTICE I state clearly above that I did what I did with a TRUE HEART. Those who possess and use this ability with a true heart will succeed. The problem that exists with this service offered is not unlike any other service available within the consumer market place. How does one find those practitioners with a true heart??????????

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say purely and simply I am Anne Boleyn reincarnated of course I. Am bent v111 and also Osiris reincarnated so if u are willing to talk to me in a spiritual way please feel free to email me:

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