Thursday, May 01, 2008

Do you believe?

Interesting programme aired on BBC the other night discussing the differences between religious belief and mental illness" and asks the question "Could 'knowing' something is true when you have no proof for it be a definition of insanity?"
Tanya Byron considers why we judge some as true believers and others as religious nuts, and looks at what happens when the worlds of scientific fact and pure faith collide. 3/4. Spirituality.

Reports suggest fewer people in Britain today follow a religion than ever before. Yet most of us still cling to the idea of life after death, spirits and the supernatural. Why do we judge some as true believers and others as religious nuts? And what happens when the worlds of hard scientific fact and pure faith collide? Clinical psychologist Dr Tanya Byron explores what some consider as the fine line between religious devotion and psychiatric disorder. She sees what happens when rational scientists try to analyse religious phenomena like Speaking in Tongues and Hearing Voices, and considers the beliefs of faith healers who claim miracles happen.
Read what the The Rational Response Squad has to say on the subject
Sorry but there are only four days to go to listen to the programme again!
CLICK HERE for link to BBC iPlayer
The most interesting part for me was a psychiatrist who had given up practicing conventional medicine and who was now offering sessions to clients who suffered from all kind of psychological disorders to offer a healing ritual that involved cleansing them of "spirits" whilst in an hypnotic trance. Once again no scientific proof to support the theory but he had plenty of clients!


grafikgirl said...

I have fought to figure out the reasons behind my bi-polar disorder and believe that evil does play a huge part in some mental illness. Evil prays on those who are special and are supposed to make the world better. The methods used by those who are evil are intended to drive "gods messengers" over the deep end and make them, and others, think they are crazy. It works too, because I never speak of this to anyone I know. I fear they would send me to the psychiatric unit.

I am not crazy, and I wanted to share my opinion based on my thoughts and observations. You are the first I've discused this with in a very long time...but I still believe. Evil lurks closer than you think.

Elizabet said...

Really appreciate you sharing your experiences as I understand how difficult this subject is to discuss
As a matter of fact I lived through a period researching the bi-polar disorder as those closest to me thought i may suffer from the condition. The outcome was more confusion and no answers to the questions that I posed! - no surprise there I guess!
I have concluded that whatever label we attach to our personalities, whether it be mentally ill, enlightened, chosen to lead or show others the way, it does not matter. What is important is that we feel balanced and at one with ourselves and those that are involved in our lives. I do believe in evil as I believe in goodness. Our lives are a constant struggle affected by imbalances in these very real power bases

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