Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scientific Experiments on Psychic Ability

Further to my post regarding The James Randi Challenge I happened apon the following article
Thought Mr. Randi would find it interesting ( at least in part)

Dr. Gary Schwartz continues life after death research
by Michael E. Tymn

In an exclusive interview with The Psychic Times, bestselling author and acclaimed scientist, Professor Gary Schwartz, reveals why his quest for the scientific evidence for life after death will never convince the sceptics

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In particular: "In fact, Schwartz has since done double-blind and even triple-blind studies (where the researcher, the medium, and the sitter were kept in the dark), but they have been equally unacceptable to the scientific fundamentalists."Based on my repeated observations of them and my experience with them, I would say that there is no experiment that I could even imagine designing that would convince them," Schwartz said. "Let's say, for example, that we design an experiment where the mediums are sequestered and locked in a room with no telephone or communication and we have them watched by security guards to be certain no one provides them with information from the outside. Well, then these sceptics will ask how we can be sure the guards weren't paid off by the mediums, how we can be sure the guards weren't involved in fraud. The truth is that if you are absolutely convinced that the phenomena can't be true, then no matter what experiment you design, you can always find some way in which there might be fraud. Therefore, you are going to dismiss it, or you're going to admit that you got it in that case but you want to see it replicated by other people. Then you want to see it replicated again, and it just goes on and on."

Dear oh dear oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finn said...

I think psychic ability is absolutely possible but in a limited way. Proving it is impossible if skeptics aren't willing to accept the possibility from the start though. Animals have instincts which keep them safe from danger, or alert them to information they need to be privy to. It only stands to reason that humans have some of those instincts and abilities too.

dr pepper said...

Personally I think all psychic ability is just subconcious educated guesswork

Elizabet said...

Hi both
I agree that the instincts of animals can teach us a lot or at least provide a premise on which we can base an educated debate on
With regard to all psychic ability being subconcious educated guesswork, I am afraid I am not convinced. OK I haer you shout well "you wouldn't" but I can only base my beliefs on my experiences
I can enter a building or a room that I have never visited before without any prior knowledge of the building. I can see rooms that are not visible in the present but see them as they were once in the past. I am absoloutley hopeless at architecture, history etc. etc. how does this occur?
Does my subconcious hold some information that I have never been given consciously??

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