Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dracula, Vampires and all that

Hi there
For those who listened to "Now that's Wierd" radio Friday January 18th I thought I'd jot down some more information to support the discussion
For those who didn't read on - you may find this subject matter interesting?
Haunting Breaks are designing a short break for groups to visit Transylvania, visit the birth place of "Vlad the Impaler" and one of his temporary residences as Prince Vlad Tepes, Bran Castle
This 2 night break will be "topped off" with a full after dinner paranormal investigation in the hotel where the guests will stay!
Whilst researching the details of this package I had the opportunity to watch a video called "Searching for God"
What's this got to do with the Dracula trip you may ask!!
Well the answer is that both of these issues started me analysing our approach as human beings to myths, legends, belief systems etc.
Don't get me wrong - you may like to join the trip, as many guests do, purely for the break, without even thinking about whether Bram Stoker based his novel Dracula on Prince Vlad Tepes, or if vampires really did or do exist? That fine by me and anyone else connected to Haunting Breaks !
I just felt compelled to write about my thoughts because of researching the details and watching the God video - or maybe that's just an excuse for a verbal rant!

Has anyone read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins?
If you haven't you may find this link to a review of the book by Robert Stewart interesting

As an individual of average intelligence I find all information regarding our "Human" approach to belief systems including religion, myths and legends, interesting. I can understand the two main approaches, i.e. the scientific approach and the approach from the believer's standpoint
I can understand that the "Enlightenment" period "allegedly" delivered us all from the "dark ages" offering a sound scientific explanation for all those "mysteries" and unknown facts but I still do not agree totally with the scientific argument concerning the paranormal realm
The video I watched clearly mapped out what we scientifically know today regarding the time - lines concerned with the life of Jesus
It succinctly explained that Jesus was dead for some 40 - 50 years before the first gospels were written making the evidence involved somewhat suspect, particularly when discussing "The true sayings of Jesus" - 1 to the scientists me thinks!!
It also stated that 90 % of the top ranking American scientists today do NOT believe in God inferring I believe, that with intelligence comes the ability to completely deny faith. - OUCH! that hurt!!
If that is true then what about all those scientists who do have faith in God?
Max Planck, Albert Einstein etc. etc. Didn't they contribute to science as we know it today, despite their belief in a higher being? Of course they did!!
As we are all presumably aware, nothing in this life is clear cut. There are more factors involved than simply two approaches to any subject matter, particularly regarding the question of the existence of the paranormal
There is a clear need for both scientists and believers to give a little. To stop thinking inside the box, to stop believing that their doctrine is the true doctrine!
My belief is that there will come a time when science will "meld" with the "believer" in terms of approach and understanding. That time will truly usher in the "enlightenment" of human kind
Further reading for those interested: The Universe and multiple reality, Professor M. R Franks
Publications: Dr. Susan Blackmore
Imitation and the definition of a MEME: Dr. Susan Blackmore


Radar said...

You mentioned on the Now That's Weird show that scientists think all people that believe in god or things paranormal are of low intelligence.To me that's total rubbish.It's well known that the more intelligent someone is the more they wave bye bye to their emotions and the more cold hearted,sociapathic and egotistical they become.These people love to think pure logic is the ultimate in human evolution but to me humans like this would be genetic mutants or mistakes.Sociapaths are masters at twisting things round to suit their particular belief or situation.

Haunter said...

Hi Radar
Thanks for taking the time to post
Totally agree with you
Feel slightly guilty now though as I am against "labelling" in general, and wouldn't want to advocate that all scientists fall into the same category!

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