Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dark Tourism

Me again
Sorry but I'm on a "rant"
As is usually the case a number of every day occurences have gathered together in such a time frame recently that I feel compelled to put fingers to keyboard once more!
Only yesterday I was reading an article about our events that included the heading "tourism cashes in on the dark side"
This morning I was talking to an Israeli journalist who mentioned the phrase "Dark Tourism"
Professor John Lennon's article entitled "journeys into understanding" attempting to explain "dark tourism" was published in the Observer 2 years ago

Oh and there are literally hundreds of sites all discussing the issue of "dark tourism"

Who leads the way in the creation of "catch phrases" "strap lines" "banners" that hook the attention of innocent individuals and "taint" services on offer with the colour BLACK?

There surely musy be one person or one group, a highly influential body that designs the words for the masses to repeat time and again either within or out of context?
Ok well we all recognise that the few control the masses. We are all aware of those few individuals who design and create fashion that explodes into every high street retail outlet ( produced from cheap materials, of course, and unrecognisable from the original in quality) but stupidly though it may seem, I have only now realised that this concept is applied to all aspects of our everyday lives
To put the record straight, for all you "would be" journalists out there that have no individualism or creativity, or are merely lazy and rely on others "tag lines" Haunting Breaks offer short activity breaks, based on an exploration into the paranormal world. Their events are designed to be interesting, educational, fun, and yes sometimes "scary"!
They offer an individual experience that is extremely personal due to their knowledgeable and experienced staff teams. The events are carefully structured to encompass an appropriate atmosphere, top quality facilities, fine wine and dining, but most of all the opportunity for guests to open up their minds to the possibility of the paranormal!
As one guy recently asked " so you make money from ghosts then?"
The answer is definitly yes

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