Saturday, October 20, 2007

Does being male or female have any effect on our psychic ability?

For all those listeners of "Now that's Wierd" and others of course, read on:
I suggest that psychic ability is developed by attaining a complete balance within the self
Obviously this impacts on our sexuality as with all other elements concerned with our being
The key to attainment of a natural balance between our physical and spiritual self is to train our brains to use both sides
There are those who will shout RUBBISH at this point and go away. For those of you still interested read on:
The left side is used for a logical and linear approach when concerned with understanding any topic
The right uses intuition, imagination
For example
For this discussion I suggest that the female has a natural ability to use personal intuition, to multi task etc.
I also suggest that the male is more logical and analytical in general
What we require to develop our innate psychic ability is that we encourage a melding of both approaches.
Extremely difficult as we are all products of nurture and nature but nevertheless, I believe possible to achieve
The key to balancing the use of each side of the brain is to practice meditationIf we take this discussion further we can see that the manner in which we approach any subject affects the outcome
If we are accepting of others, whether female or male traits and tendencies and are willing to absorb all information, before coming to any conclusions we are naturally opening ourselves up to possibility of everything, whatever the subject
This is not to say that we will eventually accept all information given to us and agree with it, it means that we are giving ourselves the opportunity to digest information and to take a balanced approach in deciding to accept or decline the info
Psychic ability is innate in us all whether male or female. No one person is better than the other. The first step towards using our psychic ability is to recognise it!
Believe me it's there ready to be awakened!
Get in touch with your psychic questions
Have you ever had a psychic experience or would you like to learn more about psychic ability?

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evelgal said...

I think women are naturally more intuitive while men are more instinctive (like hunters)

nice blog, keep up the good work.
drop by and say hi sometime.

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