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Been away for quite some time but now back WITH AVENGENCE!

Decided to offer an "indepth" discussion here on subjects raised during my hour long programme on Glastonbury radio - "Now That's Wierd"
Hope it's interesting!

There are two main beliefs when it comes to past life. According to some people we existed in another human body or another life form before we inherited our current human body. Others dismiss this theory as RUBBISH believing that we have only one existence!
To add to the discussion of where we came from science offers Darwin's theory of evolution whilst structured religion offers our forefathers as Adam & Eve
I believe it is important to always keep an open mind what ever the subject open for discussion
I have been regressed and I still have no answers
I found the session extremely interesting and some of the experiences inexplicable, for example I felt an incredible heat surge around the top half of my body which was unbearable. I was told afterwards that I had been burnt as a witch several centuries ago. My logical approach to this was surely I would have experienced the burning sensation around the lower half of my body? having seen films of so called witches being burnt?
The point here is that we all use the left half of our brain first when approaching subjects that sit outside of the scientifically proven "norm" or "canon"
If we allow the right side of our brain to "kick in" we soon realise that the interpretation of any experience differs dramatically!. I am not advocating approaching all matters from a right brained means as sometimes "intution" alone is not enough, but I am stating that I believe our approach to any subject, whether it is "regression" or "what school to choose for our children" requires the use of both sides of our brain in order to acheive a balanced interpretation and therefore decision. Whoops! going off here into another area for discussion, that of our ability to use our brains effectively( will deal with this in a separate post)
Back to regression then. Whatever theory we have regarding this subject they all appear flawed in some way or another. It is apparent that no one really knows whether regression is possible or not but it does remain an intriguing and extremely interesting subject
Regression during hypnotherapy
Under hypnosis the body relaxes, the conscious mind takes a back seat and the sub-conscious mind takes control of the thought process. Under such a condition it is possible for the mind to concentrate because all external disturbances and distractions are removed. The person can go back into the present life and look at events as far back as the memory can recall. Some people can go as far back as when they were in their mother's womb and recall hearing sounds, which they interpreted then and can vividly recall now many years later.
Past life regression therapy raises the important question of whether our spiritual evolution on earth is attained through successive incarnations. Many oriental cultures accept pre-existence and reincarnation in one form or another.
Recently these beliefs are becoming increasingly popular also in the west.
An alternative view that does not embrace the idea of reincarnation is that, in past life recall, a person's unconscious may be dipping into a universal memory bank, which Jung referred to as collective unconscious , and psychically may be drawing upon a story from the past which mirrors the person's own problems.
A third possibility is that the unconscious mind may be making up a story, just like in a dream. Some people doubt the reality of their experience, suspecting that their story may be a product of their imagination. Others find themselves deeply immersed in the story, and the experience they report is felt to be authentic and real.
There is no conclusive evidence either in favour or against reincarnation. The jury is still out. This, however, should not detract from the value of past life regression therapy. The existence of reincarnation is not a necessary prerequisite for past life work to be successful. Also a psychic experience or an imagined story created by the unconscious can offer valuable insights to the person being regressed. The regressee is nevertheless encouraged to treat the experiences that arise as if they are real and to become involved in the story. Although a small proportion of people have some difficulty being regressed, those who succeed discover, to their amazement, how their present life appears to be influenced by events that may have happened before they were born. I have used this therapy to holistically treat some clients adn it appeasr extremely effective
A healing journey
Hypnosis is a useful tool for exploring past lives, since it involves the experience of an altered psychological state, which makes a person more receptive and responsive to inner experiences. In hypnosis, it is possible to tune into levels of awareness normally not accessible to the conscious mind. Once a client has achieved hypnosis, an induction is used to facilitate past life recall.
Hypnosis is by no means the only method that allows information about past lives to surface. Woolger (1992) uses bridge techniques, which don't require hypnosis. With these techniques, a client is encouraged to delve into an experience, sensation, feeling or image they report, and to become totally immersed in it to the point that it triggers past life recall. These methods can be used when a symptom or feeling is clearly expressed by the client during a session, often repeatedly. For most people, however, past life recall is facilitated by being in a hypnotic trance.

Have you been regressed? If you have and you care to share your experience then please post here. You never know I may be able to offer my interpretation if its required by connecting psychically to you via your post?

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