Thursday, May 03, 2007

Da Vinci Code Breakers

Da Vinci Code

Hi there

Not so long ago I watched a TV programme regarding the deciphering of some of the stone carvings that adorn the inner sanctum of Rosslyn Chapel, featured in the novel "The Da Vinci Code"

I was really interested in the concept of this due to my love of music and its' uses for healing
The programme explained that a melody had been detected by analysing the cymatics of the carvings( the shapes in the blocks)and transposing these harmonious proportions into a melody
It went further and described the melody as a "hidden musical composition" hinting at it being "heretical" in some way!

Anyway the BBC have now picked up on this story and the exciting news is that the music is going to be performed in May at the Chapel!!

Suffice to state that I believe in the incredible power of music due to all beings being made up of universal vibrations that behave in the same way as sound, light etc.
In other words we are deeply affected by sound and light vibrations due to our core being being connected to the universal "power house"
I would love to hear the musical performance and hope that they have the sense to record it to reproduce on DVD / Podcasts etc.
My interest is based on a couple of points; the decisions that have been made on the musical scale and modality, the affect that the music has on the listeners

It was not that long ago that I visited the chapel at Rosslyn. It's haunting atmosphere left an indelible impression on my soul
I actually saw the spirit of a hooded female figure walk from one room only to disappear through the adjacent wall

Anyone been there?
Is anyone going to hear the recital in May?
Love to hear from you if you do

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Good for people to know.

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