Thursday, September 14, 2006

Talking to the Dead

Hi There

I'm back after a really exhausting few weeks dealing with ill health!
A couple of months ago I played my part in a radio debate of whether "mediums" or "psychics" can be labeled GOOD OR BAD!
Apart from the usual discussion on the reliability of their information etc. I became embroiled in the concept of whether communicating with the dead is practically and morally acceptable within our society?
Suffice to say that this discussion will only interest those of you who believe that contacting the dead is possible because if you don't believe it then the morals of the practitioners will not interest you!( or maybe they will-of course they will!!)

Some years ago I was asked to holistically treat a woman who had been what I can only term a "medium junky"
She attended all the meetings that she could and sort out all the practitioners that her personal funds would finance in order to attempt communication with her daughter who had passed away some years before.

During our time together I came to realise that her attempts at communication had developed into a quest. She had been successful on a number of occasions but instead of encouraging closure these experiences were driving her to expect and crave more.
Imagine spending the rest of your life following a bereavement, living( or should I say existing) from one session to the next? Being unable to function without the promise of the next day's or next week's "fix".

This is an abhorrent situation for anyone to find themselves in even if the promise of communication is certain. As we are all aware though, attending public medium meetings does not guarantee this and this fact only underlines the desperation and futility of this situation.
Don't get me wrong I am definitely NOT blaming or pointing the finger at any medium or psychic. I believe they offer a required service to the public in general and I am aware of many sound professional mediums who put their client's well-being first and advise counseling if they feel it is required .
My point is that anyone who is finding it extremely difficult to come to terms with a bereavement, should seek counseling!
Talking to the dead is not the answer - they need to move on too you know!!

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