Monday, July 03, 2006

Ethereal Realms

Hi there - long time since I posted anything!

As a psychic one question that I receive time and time again during interviews is my viewpoint on other realms, their structure, how they can exist and how mere mortals may communicate with them!
I have put down my thoughts on these issues so if you're interested read on!
Let's start by explaining a few general terms:

Etheric -
The regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere; Upper regions of space, clear sky, air

Ethereal -{Latin aetherius} Not of this world; spiritual.Not earthly, celestial.

Astral - {Latinastralis, astrum, star} Of or relating to a supersensible body believed by theosophists to coexist with and survive the death of the human physical body: an astral body.

Spiritual Realms
The "Spiritual Realm" is an essential part of the structure of most traditional and alternative religions The grasp of this concept is essential for making sense of the following content!

As in all matters of discussion there are many theories about the levels of the ethereal or the spiritual realms. The most common concept comes from traditional religions in the form of the belief of the existance of extremely diverse areas named Heaven and Hell. Whether one believes that these actually exist or that they are states of consciousness that beings strive to attain during a life time is not important for the following discussion. Suffice to say that a traditionalist may believe in the actual existence of Heaven and Hell whilst an alternative practitioner may believe that they are merely given labels applied to states of consciousness.

I personally believe in a structured spiritual and supernatural realm that has perhaps been scientifically recognised during the latter half of the twentieth century.

My understanding of what is termed the "Divine Universe" is as follows:

The Lower realms:This is where negativity thrives. It is the lowest level and plays host to Demons and the souls of the most evil. Demons are not restricted to this arena however and can manifest at will onto another plane. Demonic possession has throughout history been a fact of life and continues to this day

The physical realms:Where we as incarnated beings exist. (Don't limit this realm to just Earth)

The "earth bound" realms:Where ghosts exist.

The animal realms:Where nature thrives in spirit.

The Spirit realms:Where spirits exist. Where we go when we leave this physical incarnation.

The Angelic realms:"The keepers of the Divine Universe", the buffer between the intense divine energy and the remaining spiritual realms. Many believe the Beings on this level have never been incarnated.

The pure energy of the divine realms:Where the Great Spirits exist, "The God Level". (7th Heaven).

If we look closely at the above structure and take it as a premise we can easily understand how the chasm between the first and seventh levels has been used to describe the difference between good and evil in traditional religions.

I believe that our birth into this world sets us on a path of discovery. We learn and take the knowledge gained with us into another body regardless of its form. Whether we are reborn as animal, human or another the whole meaning of existence is to strive towards personal and worldly refinement until the universe as a whole reaches its ultimate state of enlightenment.

Sounds easy but in reality I believe we all struggle with the small matter of "free will". The choices we make in all of our life times have a profound affect on all matters within the universe! The structure above is also made more complex due to the issue of the seven levels being divided individually also by seven levels

In some traditions these extended seven levels are described as the "Sub Levels" For example the sub levels of the Angelic Realm are composed of "Heirarchies and Choirs" so the structure is fairly involved! Within most of these theories, there is a belief that spirits never move into the Angelic Realm. But that the beings on this level assist spirits to move between the lower realms, keeping order within the Divine universe. They also assist spirits move from the Spirit Realm to the Divine Realm when the requirements of spiritual enlightenment have been reached.

In summary the levels above all have to be experienced and successfully traversed to allow "enlightenment" to be acheived.

Our actions in various lives and levels, termed "dharma" create our "karma" and it is through this means that freedom from samsara may be acheived allowing "enlightment" to be attained

As a psychic and a healer I communicate with other realms on a daily basis

I ask the Angels to support my healing work, I see ghosts, I have experienced evil in many forms.

I do not believe that we humans have to be "special" in order to perform this communciation. I believe that all human beings are born with a psychic ability. That ability which is God given, is nurtured away through time and our cultural trends. Psychic ability today, just as centuries ago, is seen as something strange. It is open to ridicule, anger, jealousy and many other human emotions.

In the west in particular I believe it is time to stop, look, listen and learn!

The day that we pay closer attention to the psyche (psi) ability within us all is the day that we will begin to realise our full potential as beings within this universe!


Toniyah Tonijah said...

Well read.

My father was once a metaphysician. So, I can understand your posts.

I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and the angels and the evil beings.

Light will overcome the darkness and good shall overcome evil.

God bless.

Elizabet said...

Hi Toniyah
Thanks for your post!
I too believe that the light will overcome the darkness!!

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