Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sling out your stuff

OK today I'm starting a campaign!
We've had "chuck out your chintz" so now I'm starting "Sling out your stuff"
Anyone who has read my previous post on "Psychic Vibrations" will understand that what we beings need to live are clear, harmonious, balanced vibrations!
We cannot hope to achieve this state of harmony whilst we have our head up our arses, or someone else's, on the road to accumulating everything that we have been brainwashed into thinking we need!
I'm afraid the hard facts are that what we want is not really want we want. Our perceptions have been manipulated by decades of advertising, subliminal messenging and schooling in the art of "greed"!!
2am this morning I chanced upon a TV quiz programme. The presenter, obviously playing for time, filling in whilst millions of unsuspecting ordinary people rang in to play for the "jackpot" asked "what are you going to spend your winnings on , new sofa, new car, shopping spree"?

Can't we live for one day without feeling the need to upgrade the car, change the sofa for the fourth time in a year or leg it down to the nearest "shopping centre" for our ritual weekend outing?
There's so much material out there that supports my beliefs so don't take my word for it - find out for yourself!
"Sling out your stuff" practically,(start recycling) emotionally( think about what you need NOT want) and psychically ( start meditation)- you'll be amazed at the results- you never know you may start "LIVING"?


Clog said...

Hi Elizabet,

I'm interested to know what you mean by "start living".
We are all living, just the same as the animals and plants, and we will go to the same place when we stop living - nowhere.
The consciousness that is referred to in one of your links does nor exist, we are merely sentient, we can experience, develop (evolve infinitesimally) and die.
On the way we need to accumulate "things" that will help our offspring and species develop.
That is our only purpose.


Elizabet said...

Hi Clog
Thanks for the post
By "start living" I am referring to the way we live. I don't agree with your sentiments regarding "consciousness" but naturally, I respect your view point!
If we take your premise of we "live" and then "die" it actually compounds my argument in that I feel it's essential for us to enjoy this life, to be happy, content etc. etc. if this is the only life we get. In my opinion the only way of acheiving this is to throw away most of the criteria that has been set for us, materal wealth, successful careers, 2.4 children and so on and to change the way we measure and value "happiness"!- hence my initial post!!
As far as accumulating "things" for our offspring I feel we would be better placed if we encouraged them to be "free-thinkers" by imparting knowledge, information experience but most of all teachng them to LOVE!

Chris said...

Hi Elizabet,

I agree with what you are saying. I think clearing out your accumulated junk is a great relief. And also I think that when a person dies they are born into the greater reality.

Elizabet said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for the post!
Do you know some time ago I was asked to go and meet an individual who required healing (in their own home)- Their house was extremely cluttered with loads of stuff and not wanting to appear rude(that's a first for me)I started to cleanse their aura without mentioning the "state of the place"- After about 15 minutes I couldn't contain myself any longer and started talking about the energy lines around them. This mess was not only affecting the overall energy of the house but reflecting a "blockage" onto their personal energy. Some weeks later I heard from this lady- she'd taken my advice and cleared all the rubbish out- she not only felt physically better but confirmed that her energy levels had increased- an experience she had last had some years ago!!

Anonymous said...

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