Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Thanks

Just started with our brand new blog!
Hope you like it - 'cos I LOVE it!!
A great big thanks to "Lunastone"
Would recommend this designer to anyone!
The whole process was quick, efficient and completely painless(unusual this day and age)?
I even got the chance to give my psychic opinion on a photograph that she sent over( which she thought may be an image of a ghost)
I confirmed my findings and I'm pleased to be able to say that they were accurate!

Thanks Again Lunastone - pleasure doing business with you and hope some day that you'll join us for one of our events!


LunaStone said...

Thanks for your wonderful words Elizabet! I really enjoyed making these templates.
I would really love to join one of your adventures some day! Maybe, if I'm lucky I can join you in a visit to Leap Castle in Irealnd some day. Now that would be amazing!
Sláinte ~ Luna

Anonymous said...

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