Saturday, April 15, 2006

Psychic Vibrations

After years of self questioning, listening to others who have experienced psychic phenomena, conducting paranormal experiments and studying the Humanities I have come to the following conclusion;
That the key to understanding psychic energy lies in the concept of phi , the Golden Ratio!
Developed by Leonardo Fibonacci in the 12th Century this theory offers a mathematical system and structure that may be found in nature, used by man in architecture, music, art and even the Stock market
I believe there is no such thing as chaos in the universe. I propose that all things exist by virtue of harmony and therefore are built on a platform of vibration, a simple vibration that expands to become a series of complex harmonious chords that resonate outwards into the cosmos encompassing all living beings.
As a musician I am well aware of the importance of the mathematical structure required to create harmony.
As a psychic I am also aware that our personal frequency allows us the opportunity to communciate with those beings that resonate at the same level. This concept has been confirmed by many practicing psychics who have stated the importance of personal and group energy!
I actually believe it is possible to change our personal frequencies using practices such as "Meditation". This practice is important if we want to acheive communication with beings that resonate at a different frequency to ours!
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