Friday, April 14, 2006

Cosmic Ordering Service

Earlier this week I met with a good friend and over coffee she informed me of a recent visit to a local holistic healer
Nothing unusual there, but as the conversation progressed I realised that the healer had some time past asked her to draw up a list of what, in her opinion, she needed and would like to happen within the next six months.
She had dutifully obeyed and rather excitedly confirmed that some of these wishes has indeed already come true!
Naturally I was happy for her but thoughts of this process, the practicalities, the psychological impact etc. remained with me long after our get together!- What if this didn't work? do you end up more depressed, isolated, unworthy?
Today I noticed a Welsh news headline that stirred my interest as it was based on this very subject and involved the church speaking out against such practice
As you can see in the article the detail involves the celebrity Noel Edmonds, but I guess it is the principle that I am interested in not the personality. Let's face it the celebrity status is probably what drew attention to the practice in the first place!
apparently "Cosmic Ordering Service" was first established by the German author "Barbel Mohr"
I cannot find out many details about this author and wondered if anyone out there
  • Knows anything about this guy?
  • Have actually practiced this method of attaining all you need to survive and if so what the results have been?
You may be interested in what Zoe Williams of the Guardian had to say on the matter!


Elizabet said...

My thanks to Wezlo for his comment!

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