Sunday, April 16, 2006

Physical Mediumship Experiment

At the end of April Ross Hemsworth, The phantom or Fraud Project, will be conducting a physical mediumship experiment in one of our locations near London!
I will particularly interested in the findings as I personally visited this site over a year ago and created my own report regarding my psychic experiences there.
My Report:
The George and Dragon Inn and The Hell Fire Caves West Wycombe Psychics Report
It was not long following her arrival at the inn, before the medium sensed the strong energy of a woman. During a later tour of the bedrooms the woman’s spirit appeared. She walked through the bathroom wall of bedroom 1, from bedroom 2 and disappeared out of the end wall of the building.
The woman was dressed in a white night-gown and held her head, which was framed by “messy” hair. She exuded an energy of having been bullied!
Whilst inside bedroom 2 the medium felt the presence of another, stronger energy. At this stage in the investigation she was unclear of whether the energy was that of a male or female spirit.
Bedroom 2 did not appear as it now stands and seemed to encompass bedroom 1.
The team progressed through the building and whilst inside room 12, the medium became aware of a murder of a gentleman that had taken place some time ago.
Room 8 proved psychically interesting in that the name Michael appeared. The medium also maintained that this energy would make himself known by poltergeist activity. She also commented that he would not like to be ignored! The medium caught sight of the Hell Fire Caves through a top floor bedroom window. She said that there had been a connection between these caves and the inn some time past.
It was whilst the team were returning to the ground floor that the stairwell area became of interest. The medium commented that this area was active with the spirit of a gentleman that moves from one level of the building to another. He was the powerful energy that she had witnessed inside room 2.
The owner of the inn confirmed the findings and asked whether the woman in white could be the ghost of "Sukie", the barmaid who had met her demise by the hand of local lads intent on bullying her.
A worker within the inn also confirmed that whilst working inside room 8 he had lost tools and returned one day to find that paint had been strewn all over the area. Taps had also been turned on by unseen hands!
I hope that the findings of those taking part in the experiment will confirm at least some of my findings?
I will post the findings and any relevent links as soon as I receive them. Keep tuned to find out what happens!


Elizabet said...

The first part of this experiment has now taken place and I am told there are a number of others to be conducted before the conclusions and findings may be published.
Will keep you posted

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