Monday, April 10, 2006

A Paranormal/Supernatural Situation???

As I read your article I became aware of a number of issues, namely;
Is this guy mentally stable?
Is this a legitimate "cry for help" ?
Forgive this brash and perhaps offensive opening statement but you will understand that one reads so much rubbish on the net and elsewhere regarding issues such as these, that it's practically impossible to discern where the author is coming from?
I will proceed with the obvious understanding that I have decided that this is legitimate and therefore worthwhile my contributing to. Sorry, that sounds pompous but hope it makes sense!
Given that you have already been "ripped off" by unscrupulous individuals, I would like to state that this advice is based on my personal experiences and you can take it or leave it - cost = ZERO
My life has been dotted with psychic experiences from the age of 3. I have also had the privilidge of a brother who has suffered with mental illness since the day he was born. I am a trained crystal healer and have made it my life's work to "come to terms" with all things paranormal, basically to save my sanity!
I hold a degree in Humanities and have majored in relious studies.
That's enough boring info - just thought you should know a bit about me!
My Advice:
a) Check out your mental health - I appreciate you have stated that you do not suffer from a mental illness, but you may not be "best placed" to be the judge of this, given that you have not confided in anyone else
b) Once you have eradicated the mental health issue then move on to the following:
Practice meditation- don't know if you do this already but you should- start with 5 minutes each morning and night( sit in a quiet area totally alone - try to clear your mind of all conscious thoughts- sounds easier than it is but practice makes perfect)
Once you are comfortabe with the meditation go to the next step:
Sit on your own inside a circle of salt(draw the salt on the floor in a complete circle big enough to it in)- make sure there are no gaps
Whilst meditating inside the circle think of running water cleansing your whole body and soul- you will also call on the following to assist you in the cleansing ritual, Angels, Matthew, Michael, Uriel, Raphael- the 4 Angels will be posted at North, South, East, West- ask them to protect you whilst this ritual is taking place and also call on them each day whilst meditating during morning and night
Once these steps have been done you will need to proceed to a protection ritual
I can give you the instructions- going to take quite a time to write them so let me know if you feel this is something that you want to persue
I don't want to waste time now and write them if you feel that I'm a lunatic and you will not bother trying out my instructions so far!
let me know please

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