Monday, April 10, 2006

Most Americans don't believe in the resurrection

Most Americans don't believe in the resurrection
Surprised- no I'm SHOCKED by these stats!
As someone who has studied traditional religions quite recently, including Christianity, I was under the impression that most Americans were fully fledged "Christians" and therfore fully accepting of the "resurrection" concept
There's me thinking that all study materials were totally objective and unbiased- maybe I was wrong!
Interesting article on the root of the "Judas Gospel". William Klassen a New Testament scholar and retired professor from the University of Waterloo is quoted as saying about the author;
"This author was likely a member of a sect in the family of Gnostics, people who held a variety of beliefs, including some elements of early Christianity, in a strange mystic stew." He holds that the author is not Judas as the text was written some 250 years after the death of Christ!
He moves on to confirm that in his opinion "“I think it is an authentic voice of the Gnostic community,” “It’s very much in the same stripe as the gospels of Thomas, Bartholomew and Mary.”
GREAT - I loved the way the film Stigmata used "The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me."- Gospel of Thomas


citizen shelly said...

No, most Americans are not Christians and the ones who are don't believe everything you'd expect them to.
It's a media myth, mainly, because our media is conservative.
We're a bunch of agnostics, mostly.

Elizabet said...

Thanks for the post- hope you didn't find the post rude or inappropriate!
Hasn't the media got a lot to answer for?
I maintain and have for a considerable time now that the media run countries- well the people that own the media really!
What can we do about this?

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